9 must-see places in Croatia

Located in Eastern Europe, Croatia has become one of the leading tourist destinations in entire Europe. Many historical monuments, ruins, cathedrals, National Parks and, coastline cities are witnesses of beauty this land has to offer. Let’s first start with the Capital and move slowly towards the coastal and then continental part of the country.

Zagreb, the Capital – City with rich cultural life
Zagreb is the Capital of Croatia and one of the four largest cities in the country. The city is packed with cultural happenings, modern and historic attractions. The heart of academic and government life lies here.

Old Town of Zadar – Heart of Dalmatia
Zadar is one of the largest cities located along the Adriatic coast. The city is three thousand years old; rich in history and modern in many ways. There is plenty to see when visiting Zadar. One of the best experiences tourists will have is if they embark on a walk through the Old Town and all it has to offer. Scuba diving, swimming, rides on a boat are just a few activities you can try while staying at this lovely ancient city.

Old Town of Split – The Mediterranean Flower
Split is the second largest city in the country and one of the most beautiful Dalmatian cities, if not the most beautiful. The city has many beautiful places to see and explore. The Diocletian’s Palace is the crown jewel, and just one of historical monuments to see. Cathedrals, The Old Town of Split, restaurants, sandy beaches, greenery, and many other lovely things are just one small part of the city’s offer.

Walls of Dubrovnik – Pearl of the Adriatic
This ancient and wonderful city is well-known for its history, culture, historical value and heritage. Dubrovnik is surrounded by walls and towers. It was established in the 7th century and since then it captures the attention of people.

Old Town of Rovinj – Istrian gem
Rovinj is located on Istrian peninsula. Rovinj is adorned with narrow streets made of cobblestone, arches, and other eye-catching things. There are numerous things people can enjoy while staying there, such as swimming, diving, sailing, fishing, cycling and more. You can choose to have an active vacation or peaceful stay with your family.

Old Town of Osijek – heart of Slavonia
Osijek is the biggest city in Slavonia. Slavonia is a continental part of Croatia spreading through the western part of the country. Osijek is a beautiful town, situated on Danube River. It is cultural, industrial, business and educational heart of Slavonia. If you wish to explore the city, taking a tram ride would be a great idea.

Old Town of Karlovac – town with four rivers
Karlovac is a smaller town in central Croatia, and a fascinating thing is the fact that it lies on four rivers; Kupa, Mrežnica, Korana, and Dobra. The town has nicely arranged river bathing area, surrounded by greenery, animal life, and beautiful nature.

Hrvatsko Zagorje – Hilly area of Croatia
Not far from Zagreb, towards the border with Slovenia we can spot a beautiful green place called Hrvatsko Zagorje. This area is a home to many medieval castles, vineyards, and thermal spas. The most famous castle found there is Trakošćan. The castle is like from a fairy tale.

Kornati – National Park
If you are in search for a place where you can get lost in peace and quiet, you have definitely come to the right place. Kornati offers inhabited land, picturesque reefs and a kaleidoscope of tropic fish. Paradise for sore eyes.

Plitvice Lakes – Lakes, waterfalls and rich flora and fauna
If you are by any chance looking for a place rich in waterfalls, animals, lakes, forests, hills, you have made a wise choice. You can feast your eyes on 16 lakes and many beautiful waterfalls. However, keep your eyes open because bears are lurking from within the surrounding forests. The National Park is an oasis of nature, greenery and just something worth of giving undivided attention to.

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