10 Must Things to Do in Chicago at Night in 2023

Situated in Midwest along the shoreline of the Great Lakes, Chicago is well known for house music, comedies, dining, shopping, electronic dance music like blues and jazz, beautiful architecture and cultural attractions.
As a core of the Midwest, Chicago is easy to find with its aesthetic horizon attracting across the waters of the large freshwater lake, Michigan. Being home to world-class museums, endless miles of sandy beaches and probably the most breathtaking downtown scenery in the world; Chicago is a city full of fun that attracts both the young and the old in their thousands.
However, have you been to Chicago after the sun goes down? Well, you will be surprised to discover that the real meaning of Chicago is only found at night. Besides the gorgeous sights and the highly amazing neighborhoods to explore, there are many other enjoyable and fascinating activities that will grab your attention in Chicago at night.

Discover 10 Must Things to Do in Chicago at Night in 2023:

1. Chicago by night helicopter tour

Chicago by night helicopter tour
Photo Credit: Trey Ratcliff

Circumnavigate over shimmering Chicago skyline at night on this helicopter tour. During the 20 minutes ride, you will get a chance to listen to entertaining commentary from your professional pilots as you fly oversights like wills tower, Lincoln Park, millennium park and Shedd aquarium.
You will also love the panoramic view of Lake Michigan shoreline as the city flops out below you.
Additionally, the beauty of the architecture of Millennium Park which was designed by Frank Gehry will keep you mesmerized throughout the flight.
Even as you think about it, I can only assure you that it will be majestic more than you may ever imagine. Nonetheless, trust me that these landmarks can only be appreciated on air and especially during the night when there is calmness and relaxation of mind after having a tiresome day. Even better, you can take your girlfriend, wife or teen boys and girls to accompany you through the amazing night adventure. Rest guaranteed they will live to thank you for bringing them along.

2. Electric bikes at night

Electric bikes at night Chicago
Photo Credit: stockvault

Begin cycling your bike along Chicago’s dazzling lakefront as the sun goes down. Cycle through the engaging Rush street district and River North, and make a stop along the awesome Chicago River to view the city’s shining skyscrapers.
Moreover, as you cycle through, you will get an awesome view of the horizon all the way from North Avenue Beach to the Gold Coast and the aboriginal playboy mansion on your south.
Using your electric bike, you can as well jaunt under the El-trucks into the loop and get to see the Bean and Crown Fountain not forgetting the razzle-dazzle light show. What’s more? Wednesday and Saturday nights include the fireworks exhibition from Navy Pier all just but for your view on your bike.
Transform your night into an adventurous one by visiting Chicago tonight, and you will love viewing the city without exertion.

3. Cheering a sports team

Cheering a sports team Chicago
Photo Credit: 416th TEC

Believe it or not, whether beginning, end-year or somewhere in between, there is always a top game going down somewhere in Chicago after sunset.
Be part of the cheering squad as you enjoy Chicago Bears do what they do best at Soldier field or watch the Blackhawks bring it down at the United Centre.
In Chicago, they call it bringing down the dusk in style!!

4. The Violet Hour

The Violet Hour Chicago
Photo Credit: theviolethour

Widely known as one of the most awesome cocktail bars in Chicago, Violet Hour is a must visit. Indeed, it is one of the unique bars in the world that any species of the human realm would enjoy having a drink while chatting with a loved one.
Service is delivered on a first come, first served basis. As such, making an arrangement first through booking a reservation prior to your visit is very essential.

5. 360 Chicago view

360 Chicago view
Photo Credit: Yuxuan Wang

360 Chicago observation deck is situated 1000 feet above the common Magnificent Mile in the breathtaking John Hancock Building. It offers an iconic 360 degrees view of the city’s skyline and Lake Michigan Avenue from the 94th floor.
You will get an opportunity to learn about the city’s known history, get a full view of the beautiful neighborhoods and the breathtaking architecture. It also incorporates classic bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a glass of wine while you marvel the beautiful city features.
360 Chicago is one of the best and most unforgettable experiences you will have in Chicago at night.

6. NIGHT clubs

NIGHT clubs Chicago
Photo Credit: swimfinfan

Are you a fan of nightclubs? Maybe you are looking to have a night out? Well, you cannot get it wrong in Chicago.  There are many celebrated high-end nightclubs where you will enjoy doing all the outrageous things that you have always yearned doing in the great city of Chicago.
From the electro styles of the Smart Bar, the impressive dance floors in the Primary Nightclub to other mighty clubs like The Underground and The Mid; Chicago is home to several respected Nightclubs that you will not regret visiting.

7. Visiting Adler After Dark

Adler Planetarium Chicago
Photo Credit: hippopx

First and foremost, you must be 21 years of age and above to enjoy the every Thursday night shows and exhibits at Adler Planetarium. In addition, there are multiple guests and lectures that go down here every month that you would certainly love to be part of.
It is just that ideal date night your fiancée has always been asking for. With lots of cocktails, alcoholic beverages, and mouthwatering snacks to add flavor to your night, you wouldn’t find a better intimate nighttime anywhere else.

8. Walking along the river

the chicago river
Photo Credit: pickpik

Really, waking along a river? Hell NO! Probably you would say. However, The Chicago Riverwalk is one of the greatest gems of Chicago downtown. Indeed, if you are looking for a romantic spot to keep your night engaged in the twinkling Chicago city, be sure to find it at Riverwalk.
From the State Street, up to the Lake Street, stroll through six unique blocks separated by overhead bridges along Chicago River any hour of the night. Talk of an ideal nighttime adventure, and you wouldn’t be further correct!!

9. The Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group Chicago
Photo Credit: Roger Smith

Be part of an entertainment haven at the Blue Man Group. Here, music, technology, and humor are incorporated together to produce a perfect and electrifying experience that will leave you captured for the better part of the night.
Conveniently situated at 3313 N on the Briar Street Theatre, the entertainment haven has hosted hundreds of wild nights for family and friends for over 25 years.

10. Laugh at a comedy

Laugh at a comedy Chicago
Photo Credit: Phil King

Chicago city has been known for generating some of the biggest names in comedy like Steven Carell, Steven Culbert, and Amy Poehler amongst many others. On such grounds, you just can’t leave Chicago without visiting a night comedy show either at Second City or the Electrifying Theatre. They all come with pocket-friendly tickets that ensure nothing less than an engaging fun night.
Sometimes you may even be lucky enough to encounter some of your favorite celebrities on a live performance.

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