January 16, 2022


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10 Must-Things To Do In Colorado Springs At Night

Colorado and Colorado Springs are known for all the fun you can enjoy in their amazing wilderness. While you will never be bored during the day, what is available when the sun sets? Turns out, there is a ton to do at night in Colorado Springs. The area has a strong culinary scene, an endless supply of local breweries ready to serve, and plenty of fun for everyone from the little ones to the older adults looking for a challenge!

1. Phantom Canyon Brewing Co.

Photo by paulswansen on Foter.com

A hot spot in Colorado Springs nightlife is Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. There are many fantastic spots in Colorado Springs to try excellent local brews, but Phantom Canyon consistently surprises us with their high-quality variety and consistency. The bar and restaurant are filled with friendly staff and it is no wonder why the place is such a success.

2. Loonees Comedy Corner

After you grab a beer from a local brewer or eat the most incredible steak, spend your evening at Loonees Comedy Corner. There you will find top name acts bringing variety and fun to the stage. Loonees is a smaller and older venue, giving you a real cozy authentic vibe. Rare, when it feels like you are only able to see great comedians in stadiums today!

3. Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts

Catch a concert or a show at Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts. There you can enjoy a reasonably priced show with great high-end equipment. The center is known for having fantastic accosts for the performers and plenty of legroom for the guests. The venue boasts a top quality experience making it a highly desirable location for any night in the town.

4. The Historic Town of Cripple Creek

While this one is technically in Colorado Springs, it is so close, it might as well be. Cripple Creek is where you go if you want to feel like you are back in the Wild West of Colorado. There you will find old historic buildings surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains. The town was founded during the Gold Rush and still holds that spirit in every restaurant, hotel, shop, and casino.

That is right! In Cripple Creek, there are plenty of casinos to visit where you can enjoy roulette, poker, blackjack, slot machines, and craps. It is a beautiful place to walk around and an even more fun place to enjoy at night.

5. Visit Old Colorado City

Old Colorado City is just a bit west of downtown Colorado Springs. This town was originally the state capital of Colorado back in 1859. Back then, it was very popular among farmers, ranchers, and miners. Today, it helps transport you back to that time as you enjoy the rich culture of the west. Stop by to take a stroll through the shops, eat at a delicious restaurant, and just relax for the evening. Many guests find themselves feeling as if they were back in an old western.

6. The Golden Bee

The Golden Bee is where you go when you cannot afford a trip to Europe. There you can enjoy authentic English and Irish craft beers and pub food. Try the fish and chips or a selection of pot pies. Then after you have filled your bellies, hang out for the nightly ragtime piano. You can sing songs with the bar and a local draft in hand. It is truly a unique experience and is only elevated by the 19th century English pub decor.

7. Rocky Mountain Food Tour

Beer and food have been mentioned more than once so far, so it is only appropriate Colorado Springs gets the proper recognition it deserves for its culinary excellence. You can enjoy this by scheduling a Rocky Mountain Food Tour. They have many tours available, like one that takes you through the historic downtown of Colorado Springs. There is a tour that will actually donate 100% of proceeds to a fight against hunger charity, or the Manitou Springs dinner tour. Where you can enjoy some of the best food in Colorado. This is an excellent option for those who want to try a lot in a little amount of time. Stay tuned with what else Rocky Mountain has to offer, rumor has it a local brew tour will be opening up soon!

8. Penny Arcade

PEO ACWA, via Wikimedia Commons

Got kids and looking for a way to entertain them for an evening? Stop by the Penny Arcade where you can play fun games from awesome time periods like the 80’s and 90’s, and even fun advanced games from today. Bond over classics with your kids as they learn what you played when you were a kid. No iPhone or iPad needed!

There you can play skeeball or collect prizes for tickets. It is all fairly inexpensive and they even have options for the tiny ones in the family who may be a bit too young to jump in yet.

9. Supernova

If the Penny Arcade is for the kids than Supernova is for the adults! At Supernova, you can play a ton of vintage arcade games with a drink in your hand. There is a bar, jukebox, and excellent food for you to enjoy while playing a night of games. Many Supernova regulars boast of the fun nights like bingo night and taco Tuesday.

10. The Greatest Escape Games

A trend that has quickly taken over the globe is ‘escape games’. The strategy is to lock you in a room and provide you with clues on how to escape. While every room is different The Greatest Escape Games lets you be challenged in a small cabin with plenty of tricks up their sleeves.

When visiting Colorado Springs you may find your list of fun activities a bit too long! During the day explore the wilderness, but at night, relax in Cripple Creek or make the most of your short time span with a Rocky Mountain Food Tour. One thing is for sure, you will always be entertained, full, and possibly a bit tipsy.