January 24, 2022


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10 Must-Things To Do In Hong Kong At Night

Hong Kong is one of the most developed cities in the world, which offers a lot of things to do in day and night time. Nightlife in Hong Kong is more than just nightclubs and places for drinking. What else does this majestic city offer?

Here you can find ten exciting options, which can make your night in Hong Kong special and unforgettable.

1. Watch the Light Show

Hong Kong is famous for its skyscrapers, and they are beautifully glowing during the evening. You can see the light shows from both sides of the strait along the seafronts. 

The most beautiful light show is on the International Commerce Center (the tallest building in Hong Kong). You can observe it walking along the embankment on Hong Kong Island. However, the central part of Hong Kong is no less fantastic from the Kowloon Peninsula.

Don’t miss your chance to see the light show, which attracts hundreds of tourists every day!

2. Enjoy the view from Victoria Peak

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

As the highest point of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak beckons tourists any time of the day and night. The official observation point Sky Terrace operates till 11 p.m., but there is also the other one, which you can visit at night. It’s free.

So, if you want to spend one saturated night in Hong Kong, take a taxi to Victoria Peak. If a taxi is too expensive for you, there are trams and walking paths, which can take you to the stunning observation points to the whole central part of Hong Kong Island, and the Kowloon Peninsula.

Although the light of some skyscrapers fades away at midnight, there are still a lot of beautiful shapes to see at night.

3. Take a 2-Storey Tram

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Hong Kong inherited 2-story trams from the British colonial times, and they became a popular tourist attraction. The trams are used for both transportation and tourism purposes.

Even though the trams are much slower than the metro, they allow seeing the local life from the very center to the remote areas of Hong Kong.

Tip: Take a long ride from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan on the tram to observe most of the island. On the way, you will visit skyscrapers, major tourist attractions and relax after walking around Hong Kong.

Moreover, the trams are relatively cheap. One journey costs only 2-3 HK Dollars. 

4. Walk to the Clock Tower

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

The Clock Tower is the oldest urban structure located in the south of Chiemsee. You can find the attraction in Salisbury Road nearby Star Ferry Pier and Tsim Sha Tsui metro station. The tower is seen from afar thank its peculiar facade and bright illumination.

Historically the Clock Tower is the only building that has been preserved for the memory of the railway station. The famous Orient Express was arriving there.

The tower is available around the clock and completely free of charge. Don’t hesitate to visit it at night.

5. Visit the Garden of Stars

The famous Alley of Stars is on reconstruction now, and all the figures were moved to the Garden of Stars nearby. It is available for visitors day and night.

Tip: Visit the Garden of Stars together with the Clock Tower, since they are located not far from each other in the same area of Kowloon.

The statue of Bruce Lee is definitely the centerpiece of the Garden of Stars. The name of the world-known actor and martial artist became Hong Kong’s symbol, and his fame has been spread all over the region. No wonder, you can find a lot of souvenirs in Hong Kong with the image of Bruce Lee.

Besides the Bruce Lee monument, you can also find several fingerprints, which belong to celebrities. One of them is Jackie Chan.

It is worth visiting the Garden of Stars if you are a big fan of Chinese actors and martial artists.

6. Buy Souvenirs in the Night Market

The night market is located at Yau Ma Tei (Hong Kong Island), so you can easily reach it from the Jordan metro station. The market operates from 6 p.m. to midnight unlike fashionable shops nearby, which close about 10 p.m.

Go to the night market through the intersection of Jordan Road with Temple Street. You will find a lot of local “chips” – the kiosks with food and very colorful fortune tellers.

7. Take a Night Walk

Wherever your hotel is located, Hong Kong is safe for strolling at night because of the developed security system.

If you like to walk a lot, make different itineraries depending on what impresses you the most. Hong Kong is full of stunning skyscrapers, Kowloon is mostly known for its huge shopping stores. Also, the Star Ferry Pier of the Victoria Harbour is a famous historical place. Visit this site at night if you have limited time in Hong Kong.

8. Go Wild in Night Clubs

Among the plenty of clubbing places in Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong Street is especially famous. There are clubs, pubs, and other night attractions for one and all throughout the street. You can find a lot of alcohol and fun there.

How to get there? Go to the Central Metro Station, leave the station by the D2 exit. And then – just move forward together with crowds of young adventurous people who are looking for recreation and attractions.

Lockhart Road in Wan Chai District is one more popular location for nightlife. It is extremely popular among foreigners who want to drink beer and dance in a soundbar.

9. Have a Romantic Dinner in a Restaurant Overlooking the City

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Since Hong Kong is full of skyscrapers, some of them offer open-air bars, cafes, and restaurants overlooking the city. These restaurants are suitable for romantic dinners or meeting with friends.

From the altitude of the sky bar or restaurant, you will have an as good view, as from the observation points around Victoria Peak.

Except for Ozone, which is the highest bar in Hong Kong, we suggest you visit the other good ones, such as Asure, Felix Bar, The Grand Buffet, Sugar and many others. Check the places to choose the best one for your pleasurable evening.

10. Stay in Pui O Campsite

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Did you know there are more than 40 equipped campsites around Hong Kong? The Pui O Campsite is one of the best. It is located on Lantau Island almost on the beach.

If you are tired of the hustles and bustles in Hong Kong, spend one-night near the campfire with your friends. If you are alone in Hong Kong, most probably you can join one of the fantastic people around you.

In order to sleep there, you need a tent and sleeping bag, which you can find in tourist shops in the center of Hong Kong (mostly Tsim Sha Tsui District).

The campsite has its security, so you can leave your stuff there exploring Hong Kong in the daytime.