January 16, 2022


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10 Must-Things To Do In Jakarta At Night

Jakarta offers a lot of activities at night because many people prefer to hang out after 9 p.m. when traffic is light, and heat fades away.

Keep in mind that Jakarta is vast, but there is no metro around the city. So, you have to think in advance about what kind of transport to use if you plan to try several activities in one night.

1. Hang Out On Jalan Jaksa Street

Jalan Jaksa Street is often compared with the legendary Khaosan Road in Bangkok. It dramatically represents nightlife in the enormous capital. There are plenty of small bars and shops along the road as well as street food. Take some time to see the variety of the local bars, and then stop in one of them.

2. Visit the National Monument Monas

Salmiah La Suma, via Wikimedia Commons

The tall 132-meter high National Monument symbolizes the long struggle for Indonesian independence. It is shortly abbreviated Monas.

The monument was built in 1961 under Soekarno Hatta – the first president of the independent Republic of Indonesia.

Now Monas is the centerpiece of Merdeka Square in the very center of Jakarta. Even though you can’t climb the top of the monument at night, the Monas is beautifully illuminated, and therefore is seen from afar.

3. Taste Local Indonesian Food

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Unlike European food, Asian people like to put spices everywhere. Even fruits can be sweet, salty, and spicy at the same time. It means you can discover a wide range of tastes while buying food from local street vendors.

If you have a chance, try street snacks kerak telor with egg. Or if you are a vegetarian, take a portion of gado-gado, and enjoy the variety of Indonesian vegetables fried in peanut sauce.

4. Walk Along the Old Port (Sunda Kelapa)

Pocsywe, via Wikimedia Commons

Dutch colonization of Indonesia started from the Old Port, and now it is considered one of the most popular places in Jakarta. It is an atmospheric location with some old and abandoned ships.

When local guides see tourists, they invite them to “check” the old sea crafts together. This attraction costs about $10 per hour, but you have a unique chance to step on the deck of the historic vessel.

5. Dive into Asian Culture in Chinatown

Most Asian cities have Chinese settlements inside, and Jakarta is not an exclusion. There are many Chinese around the capital who concentrated their businesses in Chinatown.

Go to Chinatown to learn about Chinese people who preserved their culture even though they live in Indonesia. It means you can try unusual food and buy original red souvenirs for your beloved ones.

6. Try Indonesian Massage

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Although Indonesian massage is less popular than the Thai one worldwide, still it is no less effective. Connoisseurs of massage appreciate this activity in Jakarta, which is usually conducted together with a spa treatment.

The price for the massage depends on the place and duration of the procedure. In local areas, you can have a one-hour session for $6-8. However, it is recommended to experience massage for at least two hours, which allows diving into the pleasant aroma and sensations.

7. Go Ice Skating

Indonesian people who live in the hot capital are crazy about snow and ice. No wonder they have a skating rink in one of the largest shopping centers around the city – Mall Taman Anggrek. Do ice skating until late evening to chill your body and learn how to keep balance. Train your body and have fun at the rink!

8. Meet the Wealthy Indonesians

If you want to get acquainted with the elite class of Jakarta at night, you should visit Immigrant Nightclub. This place is famous for its decent reputation, so dancers in short clothes are seen pretty rarely. It is a place for noble and smart people who want to relax at night.

The prices are comparably higher there, but you have a chance to meet many outstanding people.

9. Stay Rooftop

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Since Central Jakarta is full of skyscrapers, you have a chance to take advantage of that at night. Many bars and restaurants open their doors for visitors at night to enjoy the colorful skyline of the city.

Every rooftop bar offers a unique view of the city, so don’t hesitate to visit as many locations as possible. However, if your time is limited, start your rooftop trip from Skye or Cloud bar that offers awe-inspiring views at night.

10. Go Jogging Around the City

It might be pretty unusual for you to jog overnight, but it is a regular activity for local runners and fitness enthusiasts. By jogging at night athletes can avoid Indonesian heat, crowd around the streets, and pollution.

You have a chance to meet the night joggers in most sports clubs of Jakarta. Their route usually passes through the most famous sights of the capital. So, don’t hesitate to join the activity!