January 22, 2022


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10 Must-Things To Do In Nashville, Tennessee At Night

Of the many towns in the United States, few have a nightlife like Nashville. This is largely due to its vibrant, historic, and ever-changing music scene. Nashville has built a reputation for being a music hub. Where artists trek to get seen and heard! In Nashville, you can enjoy some fun games and new experiences, but somewhere along the way, you will most likely hear some incredible music. Making their nightlife a vibrant community where all are welcome.

1. Visit Music Row

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Music row is where you will find some fun memorabilia and souvenir shops as you pass by one historic place after another. If you are a country music fan, you will fall in love with the Country Music Hall of Fame. There you can see famous instruments, artifacts, and learn a bit more about the beloved genre. Learn more about Christian music, gospel music, recording studios, radio, TV, and even record labels. It is a music lovers paradise.

2. The Soda Parlor

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Looking for a place to take a date or spend a family night? Maybe you are visiting Nashville as a tourist and looking for a fun way to end a day. No matter what your reason for visiting, The Soda Parlor is the perfect spot to spend an evening. Enjoy a sweet treat with some refreshingly fun flavors than head to their arcade for some games! While Nashville has a lot to see, especially at night, this is one hot spot that is definitely great for kids.

3. The Rabbit Hole

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Virtual reality is no longer a fun experience for tech giants or the rich and famous. In Nashville, you can visit The Rabbit Hole, a fun spot where everyone in the family can experience virtual reality. Play games or visit far off places! Just because you are in Nashville, does not mean you need to stay in Nashville! Take the whole family to this exciting stop and explore their many virtual reality options!

4. Grand Ole Opry House

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Hoping to spend your evening with some amazing musical influences? Nashville is your place! Check out the Grand Ole Opry House for a beautiful venue with outstanding musicians and theatrical performances. The Grand Ole Opry House is the world’s longest continuously running live radio program. Originated in 1925, it has a broadcast every weekend. Making this spot a great place to get some history, education, and entertainment.  This has certainly helped Nashville get the nickname, ‘Music City’.

5. Joyride Nashville – Brewery and Pub Tour

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Wanting to tour the Nashville pubs but ending up in lame dive bars or cooky tourist stops? It can sometimes be difficult to discover the best watering holes of a new city. Which is why we suggest Joyride Nashville. With this tour, you will visit some of Nashville’s top brewery and pubs recommended by well-educated locals on the best of the best. Shuttled by a cart, you will visit four breweries and pub. Your host will provide commentary to help give you a better understanding of the rich history that is Nashville’s craft-beer scene.

6. The Big Bang Dueling Pianos

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You have seen live music but nothing like this before. Check out the Big Bang Dueling Pianos for a live music experience that invites you to sing, dance, laugh and drink for an all night long sort of party. The pianist will play the hits ranging from Latin to rap, you may even hear, ‘Despacito!’ And of course, the bartenders are there to make you fun cocktails while providing your plenty of entertainment between sets.

7. The Music

Photo on Foter.com
Photo on Foter.com

Of the things Nashville, Tennessee, is known for, music will always make to the top of this list. We mentioned Music Row, but the sounds do not stop there. Whether you are hitting up a piano bar, a nightclub, or simply walking down the street, you are sure to encounter some talented musicians. From small indie bands to big-name celebrities, Nashville is a place to find the soundtrack to your life. Check out an outside concert, stadium concert, or look up some cozy jazz bars. Whatever your scene is, Nashville has got your covered.

8. Grab Some Grub

Photo by cookbookman17 on Foter.com
Photo by cookbookman17 on Foter.com

Looking for a late night bite? Whether you are craving something savory, sweet, or even looking for a nightcap, Nashville is the place to be. For those hungry and looking for more, check out some of their world famous BBQ, Tennessee style! If you are still stuffed from dinner, go for a moon pie to end your night on a sweet note. For the adults, if you are looking to party the night away and just getting started, some hand-crafted Tennessee whiskey may be just what you need.

9. There is Downtown, Then There is Honky Tonk

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Whenever you visit a large city, many people simply refer to downtown as where all the excitement happens. However, in Nashville, there is downtown, then there is honky tonk. Honky Tonk is within the downtown area but is an area specifically reserved for those who are out for the night scene and music! This area is specifically known for its small bands, piano players, dancers, and singers. While back in the day, prostitution may have been popular, today it is primarily home to great drinks and music. Things get going around 10 AM but go as late as 3 AM.

10. The District

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While there are plenty of neighborhoods throughout Nashville filled with music venue options, The District is the place for all things nightlife related. From clubs and bars to cozy music spots and famous eateries. The District is the place to visit for those who may not be music fanatics but still want to experience the incredible nightlife of the city.
When visiting Nashville, you are bound to find some incredible nightlife scenes. Be ready to dance, sing, and potentially find your new favorite band. Even if the music is not your scene, there is plenty to eat, drink and experience when the sun goes down.