January 22, 2022


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10 Places in Albania known only to locals

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Syri Kalter”]
The Syri Kalter or the Blue Eye is a natural phenomenon in the Vlore region of Albania. The clear blue water stays in a fifty meter deep pool, which makes the place extremely mystic. The Blue Eye Spring is actually the most famous attraction on this list. I choose to put it on the list, so even more people can hear about it. The locals have plenty of fairy tales about the Blue Eye. I had been there 2 times and I am still interested in going back.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Jale Beach”]
Albania is famous mainly because of the beaches that are situated on the Albanian shore. Jale Beach is one of the best party places in Albania. It is a mix of beautiful nature and amazing nightlife. Jale Beach is a great place for every tourist who wants to have the time of his life. You can visit Jale Beach and Albania for a really cheap price. This beach is much different than the other places in Albania that deserve attention.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Skanderbeg Tomb”]
George Castriot known as Skanderbeg was Albanian commander who was part of the Ottoman Empire during the 14th century. Few years after he left the Ottoman Empire service, he made a revolution in Albania. Later people recognized him as the Lord of Albania. For Albanians, Skanderbeg is more than a national hero…he is a symbol for the Albanians. Nowadays tourists can visit Skenderbeg Tomb for a really low admission fee.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Zvernec Monastery”]
The Zvernec Monastery is located on the Zvernec Island. The island itself it part of the Narta Lagoon in south Albania. Zvernec Island is connected to the mainland through 300 meter long wooden bridge. This bridge makes the monastery even more spectacular. In addition to all this, Zvernec Monastery is a 13th century Byzantine Monastery. It is amazing that the Albanians were able to keep the place so untouched through the ages. There are only few countries in the world that have Byzantine Monasteries in such a great condition.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Old Bazaar Kruje”]
Kruje is a small town that is located in north Albania. The town is so small, that tourists can get around on foot without a problem. It was really interesting for me to visit the Old Bazaar. In this bazaar you can see the actual Albanian culture and traditions. Albanians over there sell everything from souvenirs to carpets. In my opinion, tourist that goes to Albania must come back to his home with Albanian carpet. Another advantage of the town of Kruje is that it is only 20 km away from Tirana.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Zekate House”]
Albania used to be important part of the Ottoman Empire. In this way most of the Albanian ancient architecture is based on the Ottoman style and traditions. City of Gjirokastra has lots of buildings that are based on the Ottoman architecture. For the locals the Zekate House is the best example for the Albanian historical architecture. The house was built in 1811-1812. These type of houses are known as “kulle” which means that the building was owned by wealthy individuals. The admission fee is only 1 Euro.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Cold War Tunnel”]
This cold war tunnel in Gjirokaster, Albania had been built by the Albanian communists during the 1960s. The main task of this place was to detain political prisoners (people who were against the government). The tunnel was kept as secret for the locals until the early 1990s. This tunnel/bunker has around 80 rooms and a capacity for up to 300 people. Nowadays the tunnel is turned into tourist attraction and many tour guides give tours. If you like history you should visit the Cold War tunnel of Gjirokaster, Albania.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Mirror Beach”]
Do you want to see how heaven looks like? Do you want to see the beaches of the Gods? If the answer is yes, than you must visit the Mirror Beach of Albania. The beach is situated in the Saranda region. The road that takes tourists to this beach is small and old, but the trip is worthy. The water and the sand on this beach are crystal clear. Last time when I went to the Mirror Beach, I saw a little girl and her family. The little girl asked her mom: “Is this heaven?” Mirror beach is perfect for families with small kids.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Mes Bridge”]
The Mes bridge crosses the Albanian Kir River. Mes is a small town in northwestern Albania, next to the city of Shkoder. The bridge is more than 100 meters long and few meters tall. The local Ottoman general, Kara Bushati built the bridge in the 18th century. In Albanian Mes Bridge or “Ura e Mesit” means the bridge in the middle. Many locals tell romantic stories about the bridge. If you and your soulmate are going close to Shkoder, than you should definitely visit the Mes Bridge and maybe even propose to your lady.
[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Osumi Canyon”]
Beautiful Albania welcomes you with this spectacular natural attraction. The gorge of Osum goes around the city of Berat. This southern Albanian gorge is almost 30 km long. The local scientist belive that the place was formed before 3 million years. You can also do some rafting for a really low price. Some of the ranging sections of the gorge are only 2 meters wide, which makes the place even more spectacular. Mainly rafting fans know about this place. The biggest reasons for that is the famous rock with crazy name, that is situated in the gorge. The name of this rock is: “The Door Of The Devil”. The closest big city next to the Osum Gorge is Berat.