10 Places Only Locals Know In Bucharest, Romania

1. Cismigiu Gardens


Cisimigiu is a beautiful park in the capital of Romania – Bucharest. Most times tourists do not have the time to visit the city parks. Personally, as a tourist, I barely visit parks and I do not really count parks as amazing attractions. On the other side, this Romanian park is something different. The gardens are standing over 42 acres of land in the middle of the busy city of Bucharest. This is definitely the best place for relaxation in Bucharest. I had never enjoyed a park more until I visited the Cisimigiu Gardens.

2. Patriarchal Cathedral


This wonderful Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral is one of the most interesting places in Bucharest. Not many tourists might have been to this holy place because it is not really popular among internationals. For the Romanians on the other side, this place is really important. The Cathedral is fully functional and I recommend you to visit it during the weekend so you can see how many people actually go and visit the Cathedral. Originally the building was built in 1654 which makes it one of the oldest functioning cathedrals in Romania.

3. St. Elefterie Church


The St. Elefterie Church in Bucharest is located just next to the famous city Opera House. The church is fairly new compared to other attractions in the biggest city in Romania. Finding the St. Elefterie might be hard because just next to it we can find another church that is located on the same street. Do not hesitate to visit St. Elefterie if you want to see a typical and modern Romanian church while you visit Bucharest.

4. Biserica Maramureseana


The Biserica Maramureseana is a very interesting and fairly new attraction situated in the capital of Romania – Bucharest. Biserica is actually a wooden church built in the 1990s that has an amazing design. Wooden churches exist mostly in Eastern Europe, so if you are in Romania go and visit this wooden wonder of the Romanian Christianity.

5. Curtea Veche


Curtea Veche is personally my favorite tourist attraction in Bucharest. I strongly recommend every tourist to go and visit this landmark. The place was originally built as the residence of Vlad III better known as Dracula. A specialist report that the building was built around 1459. Currently operating as a museum, Curtea Veche is a must amongst all attractions in Bucharest. Curtea is not a popular attraction, but it surely deserves attention.


6. National Library of Romania


The National Library of Romania which is located in the capital Bucharest is one of the most modern buildings in the country. Originally the National Library, current building construction was started before the 1989 political revolution. Just before the revolution, the building was almost finished, but due to the lack of political stability it was left aside and nobody was taking care of it. This basically turned the places into ruins, until 2009 when the Ministry of Culture of Romania decided to finish the library. Since 2012, the National Romanian Library building had been open for the public. The modern building is a home to more than 10 000 000 different items. Even though that library might not be a top choice for tourists, I recommend you to go and check the modern design of the building and the fascinating collection of books that is kept inside the structure.

7. Manuc’s Inn


Hanul Iul Manuc or Manuc’s Inn used to be one of the oldest operating hotels in Romania. It was built in 1808 and originally used to work as khan. Through the years the building went through different restorations but still kept its original architecture. At some point, the place was even used as a theatre. In 2007 the hotel and the restaurant of Manuc’s Inn were closed for another restoration and only a few shops kept working. Until now the place still does not operate as a hotel, but you can check it out and enjoy some nice and historical architecture.

8. CEC Palace


The CEC Palace is one of the most beautiful and historic buildings that I have seen in Romania. The amazing style of the structure brings everyone who sees it back to the days in which it was built. The palace was created in 1900 and it is currently serving as the main headquarter of the CEC Bank. It might be hard to get inside and check the interior of the place, but even if you only see the exterior it will be still worthy. The Palace is located close to the National Museum of Romanian History which can be a great reference if you are lost in Bucharest.

9. Pasajul Macca-Vilacrosse


If there is a real “must see” on this list then it is the Pasajul Macca-Vilacrosse. Even though this landmark is mostly known to the locals, it is still an amazing place to visit. I strongly recommend it to tourists, especially those who are looking for a romantic place that suits a romantic date. Pasajul is a fork-shaped, glass covered street in the central part of Bucharest. The place is named after the main architect – Xavier Vilacrosse. You will thank me later.

10. Coral Temple


The Choral Temple is a synagogue that is situated in Bucharest. The original building was built in the 1800s, but it was later destroyed. Until 2016, when the place reopened again, it continued to serve as one of the biggest synagogues of Bucharest. Even if you do not want to get inside, you can still enjoy the building and click some nice photos.

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