10 Places Only Locals Know In Zagreb, Croatia

1. The Zagreb Eye


The Zagreb Eye is a really interesting viewpoint in the capital of Croatia – Zagreb. From the Eye, you can see most of the city. If offers some amazing views, both during the day and during the night. I had been to the viewpoint in both daytime and night time and I can say that there are fascinating things to see during the noon time and during the dark time. The admission fee is fairly cheap, especially for international tourists and the Zagreb Eye is a cool place to visit while you are in Croatia. Still unknown for the internationals, Zagreb Eye is a popular attraction for the locals.

2. Lotrscak Tower


The Lotrscak Tower is an old tower in the old part of the Croatian capital – Zagreb. The building was built in the 13th century in order to protect the local citizens. Another thing that is famous about the tower is that it is the home of a bell that used to serve as a signal for closing the town gates during the 1600s. Do not hesitate to visit the tower while you are visiting Zagreb.

3. Kamenita Vrata


The old town of Zagreb is probably the most popular place to visit in the capital of Croatia. On the other side, some of the interesting places in this old town are fairly not popular for international tourists. The Kamenita Vrata is the only gate of the town that is still preserved. The other three main gates are ruins. The Kamenita Vrata or in English the Stone Gate is a really interesting place that makes you feel like you are in the 12th century.

4. Museum of Illusions Zagreb


The Museum of the Illusions in Zagreb is a really cool place that you cannot find in any city around the world. The idea of the museum is spectacular and it offers all kind of illusions from 3D images and anti-gravity rooms to mirror rooms. The Zagreb Museum of Illusions would be interesting not only for you but also for your kids. The admission fee is fairly cheap for international tourists. Since the museum is fairly new, it is still unknown to the international tourist, but I am sure that in the near future the place would be one of the top destinations in Zagreb.

5. Zagreb Funicular


The Zagreb Funicular is one of the oldest operating funiculars in the world. It is not a quick way of transportation but is definitely an interesting way to move from point A to point B. Originally it connects Illica Street and Gornji Grad. The whole track is 66-metre long and it is one of the shortest public-transport tracks in the world. You can go and check it out, not because it will help you a lot for moving, but because you can tell your friend that you had been transported by a full protected monument of the Croatian culture.

6. Tortureum Zagreb


The Museum of Torture in Zagreb is one of the weirdest museums in Croatia. I do not really recommend it to people who have little kids. The museum has a huge collection of instruments that were used for torturing and executions. You can see devices from different centuries and from different nations. If you are interested in seeing how people used to torture and execute other human beings then this place might be interesting for you.

7. Zagreb Orthodox Cathedral


The Zagreb Orthodox Church is an interesting place that does not really fit in the capital of Croatia. Normally most of the Croatians are Catholic Christians and the Orthodox Christianity is more typical for the Serbians. In this way, it is interesting to see an Orthodox Church in the middle of Zagreb. The building was built in 1866 by Franjo Klein.

8. Gric Tunnel


The Gric Tunnel is a World War II tunnel under the capital of Croatia – Zagreb. It was built in 1943 by Nikola Mandic. The tunnel is 350 meters long and it connects Stjepan Radic Street and Mesnicka Street. In 2016 the tunnel was fully restored and now it is open to visitors. It is a really cool place to visit, especially if you like World War II history. I recommend you to visit the Gric Tunnel, whenever you decide to go to Zagreb.

9. Saint George and the Dragon Statue


In Zagreb, you can find two statues of St. George and the Dragon. One of them is really impressive and deserves your attention. The statue honors the famous St.George who fought against the dragon which was killing the people of the city of “Silene”. This interesting statue is located on Marshal Tito Square and I recommend you to give up an hour of your time and visit this landmark.

10. Church of St. Catherine


The St. Catherine Church in Zagreb, Croatia is a church that looks completely different than the typical Croatian churches. It was built in the 17th century (1632 exactly). It is in baroque style and it is almost all white. This Catholic church is an unknown landmark of Zagreb, but it deserves some attention. The exterior of the building looks fairly simple, but the real beauty is inside. The interior of the church is amazing and if you visit St. Catherine you will see that I was right.

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