10 Places Only Locals Know In Barcelona, Spain

1. Santa Anna Church


The Church of Santa Anna or Esglesia de Satna Anna (in Catalan) is a typical Catalan church located in the city of Barcelona. The government counts this church as a national monument as of 1881. The interesting insides of the church guarantee a great time for every tourist who visits this place. The church was originally built in the 18th century.

2. Torre Bellesguard


The so-called Bellesguard is a manor house located in Sarria-Sant district in Barcelona. The house was made by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi in the early 19th century. The place used to be owned by Martin (King of Aragon). Both the exterior and the interior of this house are amazing. The mansion perfectly shows a combination between Modernism and Catalan styles. If you want to see a house that is also a piece of art then you must visit Bellesguard in Barcelona.

3. Parc de la Ciutadella


The Parc de la Ciutadella is a stunning park in the middle of Barcelona. The place, which looks like heaven on earth was created in 1877. The whole park is around 70 acres and includes many facilities like the Parliament of Catalonia and the Barcelona Zoo. I am generally telling you about Parc de la Ciutadella, because of one location inside it, which is not very well known by the international tourists. This is the fountain of the park. This is by far the best place in the whole area. It is believed that Antoni Gaudi helped in designing this fountain.

4. Teleferic de Montjuic


Teleferic de Montjuic is a high-tech lift located in Barcelona. From Teleferic you can enjoy a panoramic view of Barcelona and see all the interesting locations of the city. For me, this is the best landmark in Barcelona because it offers you a full experience of the city. I suggest the international tourists start their Barcelona tour with this lift. After seeing what Barcelona can offer, you can proceed by going to each one of the landmarks. The admission fee of Teleferic de Montjuic is normal, which makes it affordable for every tourist.

5. Sant Pau del Camp


Sant Pau del Camp is a 9th-century church located in Barcelona, Spain. At some point in the history, Sant Pau used to be a monastery as well. The church was founded by Wilfred II in 977 and it was later destroyed by the Muslims in 985.  More than 100 years later in 1096, the church was restored. Sant Pau del Camp is a church built in Romanesque style. Visit this place full of history if you have some days off in Barcelona.

6. Santa Maria del Pi


Santa Maria del Pi is a Catalan Gothic church located in Barcelona. In general, the gothic part of Barcelona – called Barri Gotic is a really interesting place to visit. If you decide to visit this district then you must go and check out this 14th-century church and enjoy the Gothic architecture that was typical during these ages. The facade of the church is impressive and you can make some amazing photos if you use it as a background. Do not hesitate to enter and enjoy the wonderful interior and peace which this church offers to the visitors.

7. Barcelona Pavilion


The Barcelona Pavilion or how locals call it the German Pavilion, operates as exhibition building in Catalonia. It was created in 1928 by Ludwig Miles van der Rohe for the International Exposition in Barcelona that year. Unfortunately, the original place was destroyed in 1930 but later rebuilt in 1986. The architecture of the Barcelona Pavilion is a mix between two styles – the Modernism and the Minimalism. This fact is a guarantee for every tourist (not only art fans) that they will have a great time while visiting this amazing piece of art.

8. Distrito de Gracia


Vila de Gracia is a really interesting and historic neighborhood in Barcelona. The locals only call it – Gracia. The neighborhood is a home to many interesting landmarks like Camp d’en Grassot. If you want to see some of the calmer parts of Barcelona than Gracia district is for you. You can visit some of the great restaurants that are located in Gracia. I recommend you to also visit Torre del rellotge, which is a historic tower in the middle of the Gracia neighborhood. Do not hesitate to visit this really peaceful district of Barcelona.

9. Monastery of Pedralbes


The Monastery of Pedralbes is a Gothic Monastery located in Barcelona, Spain. The monastery which is currently working as a museum was created by King James II of Aragon in the name of his wife – Elisenda de Montcada. King James II founded the Monastery of Pedralbes in 1326. The whole place is spectacular, but the facade is definitely the best part of the whole complex. The nowadays museums offer some collections from the Barcelona History Museum. The only feature of the monastery that is as spectacular as the facade is the tomb of King James II’s wife. The tomb of Elisenda de Montcada might look a little bit creepy, but it is a perfect example of what man used to do in order to honor the love of their lives.

10. Parc del Laberint d’Horta


Parc del Laberint d’Horta is a historical garden located in the Horta-Guinardo district of the city of Barcelona. The garden which looks like labyrinth is one of the fascinating gardens in Europe and probably in the world too. It was created in 1971 close to one of the properties of the famous Desvalls family. Nowadays the garden is a spectacular park which I recommend to every international tourist.

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