10 Best places only locals know in Slovenia

Welcome to our blog post on 10 hidden gems in Slovenia that only locals know about! Slovenia may not be a huge country, but it is full of hidden corners and secret spots that are often overlooked by tourists. From beautiful forests and lakes to charming villages and cultural landmarks, there is something for everyone in Slovenia.

In this blog post, we will be sharing with you some of the best places in Slovenia that only locals know about. These are the kinds of places that will take you off the beaten path and give you a true taste of Slovenian culture and history. So without further ado, let’s dive in and explore 10 places only locals know in Slovenia!

1. Grad Kamen

Grad Kamen
Grad Kamen, the stone castle from the 12th century

Located at the village of Begunje na Gorenjskem, the ruins of the Grad Kamen, which means Stone Castle in Slovene, can be found. The Romanesque tower is the highest point of the castle and also the oldest part of it, dating from the 12th century. The area is not maintained, access to the castle is at your own risk. It is a nice place to visit for bikers and locals.

2. Kozjak Slap

Kozjak Slap
Kozjak Slap, the hidden jewel waterfalls

One of the most beautiful and well-kept little gems of Slovenia is indeed the Kozjak Slap. A short hike from Kobarib, the Kozjak Slap is a waterfall that consists of a succession of six waterfalls, but only the last two can be seen. The most beautiful and mesmerizing one is the Veliki Kozjak: by climbing a very narrow stairs, you will discover a beautiful waterfall, surrounded by a half-dome, that pours into a pond of blue-green water. Getting to the waterfall is by a nice walking path, a great way to spend the day.

3. Dovžanova Soteska

Dovžanova Soteska
Dovžanova Soteska, the jewel Hiking Path in Gorenjska

A beautiful place to visit for any hiking and geology lovers is the Dovžanova Soteska. The path follows the steam of the Tržiska Bistrica and along the way, you will be able to see rocks that were formed over 267 million years ago: the Travis Breccia. Locals frequently go hiking there during the weekends.

4. Tolmin Gorges

Tolmin Gorges
Gorgeous Slovenian gorges in Tolmin

One of the most beautiful and hidden natural treasure, usually known by local hikers, is the Tolmin Gorges, a great outdoor activity along amazingly clear turquoise water. The gorges are surrounded by nature and the sound of water is relaxing. A great place to go for a day of fun.

5. Land of Hayracks

Land of Hayracks
World’s 1st open-air museum of hayracks

A quite unusual museum is the “Land of Hayracks”, located in Šentrupert. The museum is outdoors and it is an exhibition of 19 drying devices. 17 of them are hayracks that represent the different types present in Slovenia. Visiting the “Land of Hayracks” is a different way to discover the Slovenian culture.

6. Divaški Kras – Risnik

Divaški Kras – Risnik
Risnik, the collapsed valley

An usual attraction located in Divaški Kras is the collapsed valley of Risnik. This impressive sinkhole of 72 m deep and 220 m wide is quite uncommon in the region. Risnik has a very unique vegetation due to the temperature settings of the area. A natural hiking path goes all around Risnik.

7. Pekel Jama

Pekel Jama
Pekel Jama, the Entrance into the Devil’s Mouth

Known as the Hell Cave, a name given by the locals, the Pekel Jama got its name due to the appearance of its entrance: a scary facade that looks like the Devil. The Pekel Jama is a smaller but interesting cave with two distinct parts: the Water Cave and the Dry Cave. The highest underground waterfall of Slovenia can be seen in the Water Cave. Many impressive stalagmites are inside the Dry Cave. Always wear appropriate gears when visiting a cave.

8. Rimska Nekropola

Rimska Nekropola
Over 2000 years of History in Rimska Nekropola

Near the town of Šempeter is one of the most important remaining sites of the Roman Era in Slovenia, and in Central Europe. The Rimska Nekropola is a cemetery where more than 100 well-preserved family tombs can be seen. Some dating over 2000 years old. It is an interesting way to rediscover the traces of the Roman Empire.

9. Jelenov Greben

Jelenov Greben
Deer farm and restaurant in Olimje Village

An interesting attraction near the village of Olimje is Jelenov Greben, a family-run deer farm. As soon as you step into the farm, you will be able to witness a lot of deer roaming free in the surrounding. There is also a restaurant, souvenir shop and also a wine shop at the farm.

10. Brdo pri Kranju

Brdo pri Kranju
Brdo pri Kranju, estate with over 500 years history

The estate of Brdo pri Kranju is a beautiful park of 488 hectares with manicured grass and nice walking paths. The Brdo castle has a nice terrace and restaurant. Many birds such as swans and ducks swim in its two artificial lakes. Located near Kranj, it is a great destination for a day out in family, wedding, photo session or a romantic date.

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