January 21, 2022


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10 Places To Eat Like A Local In Edinburgh

Tasting local food when traveling is one of the best travel experiences.
When eating a country’s food, you gain a better understanding of its traditions, its tastes and flavors, and its people’s lives. This is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with the place’s culture and make your travel a bit more “rich”.
Reading this article, I will take you on a journey around ten restaurants in Edinburgh, which offer both high-quality and delicious food, and locals love to visit them.  Make sure you visit some of them the next time you travel to Edinburgh!

1. Bertie’s Proper Fish and Chips

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Known as a chip shop, this place offers contemporary changes on the traditional chip shop experience. Once there, rest assured that you will get one of the best fish and chips in the city. Apart from the famous fish and chips, you will have the chance to taste a variety of fish and seafood dishes.

2. Mother India’s Cafe

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Did you know that Scotland’s international food is Indian? So far away from India, still Edinburgh is bursting with restaurants and small places which serve delicious Indian food cooked by Indian chefs.
The options are numerous; however, one of the favorites is Mother India’s Cafe in the heart of the city.
Don’t get muddled up by the “Cafe” in the title. This place is a restaurant which offers a variety on the best of Indian sub-continental food in a Spanish tapas-style.
Mother India’s Cafe is excellent for those who want to taste as much Indian food as possible and have a party in their tummy. Saag Paneer and Chicken Tikka accompanied by the traditional drink Lassi are not to be missed!

3. Maki and Ramen

Sara Tsompanidi, UK

Based in three locations across the city, Maki and Ramen match an authentic Japanese sushi bar.  Offering a typical Japanese experience, this restaurant serves a variety of traditional dishes; you can choose from original sushi prepared just for you, fresh noodles and delicious ramen.
This place is frequently visited by locals because it combines a cozy atmosphere and a unique style with delicious dishes and affordable prices.

4. Vittoria on the Walk

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

This is one of the trendiest eateries in the city. It offers the typical flavors and tastes of Italy, reflected in the traditional Italian food, coffee, and ice-cream. It’s a charming restaurant, which is always crowded, that’s why you should book in advance.
Spaghetti alla carbonara originale and Penne dello chef are our favorites.

5. Taxidi Greek Bistro

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Greek food is one of the favorites for Scottish people, with many Greek restaurants flourishing around Edinburgh.
Taxidi promises to take you on a journey to Greece through traditional dishes, tastes, and flavors. Being a Greek myself, I can guarantee the authenticity of the food served there. The cozy, welcoming atmosphere, in combination with the pleasant traditional music playing at the background, is bound to offer you a fantastic eating experience.

6. Bread Meats Bread

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Been awarded “Scotland’s best burger of 2016”, this place serves one of the best burgers in the city. Offering generous portions at decent prices, it’s no wonder why it is always busy and crowded. It also offers vegetarian and vegan options, so there is something for everyone! Once there, go for the “Wolf of St Vincent Street“, and make sure you accompany it with a pint of draft beer.

7. The Little Chartroom

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Located in the most vibrant part of the city, Leith Walk, this tiny restaurant is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy your brunch, lunch, or dinner in a romantic and calm place. It serves high quality original Scottish food elegantly. It’s an expensive option, in comparison with the previous recommendations; however, the food is delicious, and the staff is lovely.
We recommend you go for the Saturday lunch deal when you can have a two or three-course meal and enjoy for less.

8. L’ Escargot Blue Restaurant

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L’ Escargot Blue is listed in the five best restaurants in Scotland and features in the Michelin guide each year.
It is a lovely small restaurant, which offers various tastes from French cuisine. Its food is made with seasonal Scottish products provided by local suppliers, but the recipes are always French! Once there, make sure you try the Scottish snails in combination with a variety of French cheese, and a glass of wine.
Paris’ atmosphere is sure to drift you!

9. Chop House

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In the coastal area of Leith, there is a fancy little restaurant, which is famous for its meat and especially for its steaks.
Offering a stylish setting and serving fresh meat, which is butchered in-house and cooked on an open flame charcoal grill, this place is one of the top restaurants in Edinburgh.
But hold on; this is not the only special thing about it. The meat is British beef, and staff visits the farms and the suppliers, to make sure that it’s always of a high standard.
And the best part of it?  You can share with a friend or have your cut. It’s up to you. But whatever you might choose, rest assured that you’ll taste something delicious!
Once there, we recommend you choose the Asparagus starter, for the main try the Bone-In Rib sharing platter, or the Sirloin Steak if you want to have it all for yourself. Don’t forget to accompany your dish with a glass of red wine! If you’re the kind of person with a sweet tooth, the Cholocate Marathon dessert is a great choice.

10. The Gardener’s Cottage

Picture Credits: pixabay.com

Are you ready to experience something extraordinary?
Have you ever tasted your raw materials, which you first planted and grew in your garden? If the answer is yes, then you know the feeling you get once you’ve tasted the first bite of your fruits or vegetables.
The Gardener’s Cottage is exactly what its name says. This charming little restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere offers a variety of seasonal, sustainable products, which are reflected in the different selection of dishes every day. All the fruit, vegetables and herbs that make their way to your plate are planted and grown by the gardener Charlie in the cottage.
This makes the perfect choice not only for vegetarians but also for those who want to taste something healthy and unique.

With a variety of different choices, Edinburgh is a feast of tastes and flavors. This city prides itself in supporting and combining international cuisines, with great success; different products, unique recipes, different cooking styles. All these mixed, offer the original taste of Edinburgh. Locals love these charming restaurants, and we’re sure you’re going to love them too!