10 Places to Visit in Lucerne

When you are thinking about Switzerland, there are so many thoughts in your head. The Swiss Alps, chocolate, brown cows with white cosy spots on the body, picturesque views and overall it is an ideal example of how good life can be. And, it is really like this. So, we start our journey to this wonderful land-Switzerland, or let’s say like locals: Herzlich Willkommen, or “Gruezi”.


1. Kapellbrücke Bridge

It is hard to imagine Lucerne without this bridge. Construction is made from wood and decorated inside with pictures of town’s history since 1333. In 90s, the bridge was destroyed by fire and it took time to reconstruct it in way we can see it now. Kapellbrücke is place of charming atmosphere, is something unique and very traditional about Lucerne. . Every day thousands of people cross it from the Train Station side to Old town part. Moreover, photographs of this bridge are in top of Instagram posts about Switzerland. So, come here and become a part of this historical welfare.


2. Hofkirche

Mostly all old Europe cities are precious because of the architectural heritage. Lucerne is not an exclusion-churches make it special. Hofkirche dates back to1630s and it is honoured to be the most popular Renaissance church in Switzerland. The building is huge and impressive with two gorgeous towers on it, which were preserved from the church situated there in 1525. The entourage of Hofkirche suits good to the city’s style and overall atmosphere of Lucerne. Additionally, in summertime various organ concerts are held there.


3. Alt Stadt (Old town)

Old town is located on the right hand side of Reuss lake. It is always full of locals and tourists, who are hanging around and enjoying the beauty of Alt Stadt. If you are thinking about shopping, this is the right place to visit. Hundreds of shops, cafes, restaurants and wonderful patterned buildings are placed there. You will fall in love with the pretty small houses, which are connected to each other like one big historical monument.

Winter time is a festival time in city. Fasnacht-crazy carnival with thousands of people outside. You can dress as you like, sign what you want, eat and drink as much as you wish to do. Fest time, bright time, local music bands performing on the streets…Believe, the first decade of February is something special about small pretty Luzern.


4. Lion Monument

Another significant attraction is the Lion monument, which dates back to events of French Revolution in 1792. The main idea of it is to perpetuate death of brave 26 officers and more than 700 soldiers, who protected King Louis XVI.

The monument is located deep inside of the old town. A small pool of water is located in front of the monument. There is a custom: if you want to come back again, you need to throw a Swiss Franc in water. So, the bottom of it overflows with silver and gold colours.


5. The KKL Luzern

A good example of perfect design, thin black metal walls and huge rooftop. Jean Nouvel is a French architect and the main innovator of KKL Congress Centre Hall. This building is famous because of the flat giant roof, which totally covers everything below. KKL, also known as the Culture and Convention Center,  is surrounded by water flows and this made for splitting building into three different parts. Inside world of KKl only proves how gorgeous architecture work can be. Only restrained, innovative and at the same time creative design welcomes different type of events. Starting from meetings and ending by Swiss Charity Concerts accompanied by organ music sounds.

The biggest advantage of it is location. Right next to train station and with a view on the lake Lucerne.



6. Chateau Gütsch

Nowadays it’s popular to have at least one good viewing platform in the city. For Lucerne it is Gütsch, which is luxury Hotel on the top of a hill. The history of it started many years ago and it still stays as one of the most famous hotels in Switzerland. Interior design consists of special antique furniture, accompanied by series of drawings on the walls and spacious dining rooms.

Any tourist can come for free up to this hill and enjoy the outstanding landscape of the city. There are two ways to do this: by walking 15 minutes up with stairs or by paying 2.50 Swiss Franc for cable car ride. Additionally, you can take a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy it on the terrace. Prices for coffee are approximately the same comparing to other cafes.


7. Mountain Pilatus

When you visit Switzerland, you have to visit at least one mountain. If you came to Lucerne, you have a great opportunity to take a cable car right away in the city and make a ride on 2,132m height Piltatus mountain. Also, when you have enough time for travelling, use Pilatus railway. With a help of authentic red train, you will be closer to the old natural rocks. Finally, hiking/walking  is also popular for getting there.

View from the top is something unusual and extremely beautiful. When the weather is good, it is possible to see Lucerne, Rigi Kulm (1798m), Säntis(2501m), Brisen (2404m) and famous Matterhorn mountain (4478m)-symbol of Toblerone chocolate. There is an extreme to explore landscape from Pilatus by taking paragliding ride. Believe me, you will never find better way for the best trip to Pilatus.


8. Musegg Wall

Musegg Wall is a historical place to visit and walk between nine towers, which were built in 13th century. Four of them are still open for tourists: Schirmer, Zytturm, Wacht and Männli. The Zytturm tower worth visiting to see the oldest clock in the Switzerland. It is not just a clock: it rings one minute earlier than other clocks in the beginning of new hour in the city.


9. Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland. Surrounded by the mountains, it makes atmosphere very romantic and attracts a lot of people every day. You can just walk around it or take a cruise to explore beauty of the landscape better. Moving from one shore to another, Switzerland will open for you in different side depending on the season. Winter time is perfect for watching Christmas lights and having a dinner on a boat with a glass of red wine combined with Swiss cheese Fondue. Summer is time for visiting nearby cities and taking a Gotthard Panorama Express tour to escape the history of Switzerland.

All of the boats offshore on the next side of Railway Station in Lucerne. Tours are made daily and tickets can be purchased in the counter or online http://www.lakelucerne.ch/en/


10. Swiss Museum of Transport

It is hard to imagine Switzerland without trains, buses, boats and airplanes. Museum of Transportation is honoured to be the most popular museum within tourists and locals. It shows history of transportation and demonstrates various vehicles starting from the bus and ending by a model of airplane. Also, visitor can check how is it to be a train driver by using locomotive simulator.

Total area of museum is about 20’000 sqm, including exhibition and inside walk-able area for visitors.

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