10 Things To Know Before Visiting Bosnia And Herzegovina

There are many things you should know about a country before visiting it, the simple reason for that is so you wouldn’t get into some smaller or bigger troubles. Don’t worry, we’re here for you and we always think ahead so you wouldn’t have to! Here’s a list of 10 things you should know before visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, make sure to check them out if you want to visit this country!

1. Money

Money Bosnia And Herzegovina
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The official currency in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark, or BAM (100 fenings = 1 BAM). Also, 1 BAM equals around 0.54 EUR and 0.61 USD. When you visit a store or a market, you don’t have to expect really high prices, because everything’s pretty affordable!

2. Visa

Visa Bosnia And Herzegovina
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Not everyone needs a Visa when they are entering Bosnia and Herzegovina. Actually, there’s a big list of countries which don’t require an entry Visa when visiting, and if you want to check if your country is on that list, here’s the website of the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Kingdom of Norway:
Click here to visit.
Make sure to have all the right paperwork if it’s needed or requested!

3. Beggars

Beggars Bosnia And Herzegovina
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Beggars are a pretty “normal” sight in cities like Sarajevo or Mostar, we could say that they became a part of the every-day of the cities. We must admit that the situation in the country isn’t excellent, people are without jobs, or if they have a job, there’s a 60% chance that their salary is quite bad. The people who can’t come up with a better solution tend to turn to the visitors of their country and they beg for a penny or two. If you have spare change, don’t hesitate to help them out, but watch out, not every beggar is really in need of your money! Watch out for the fakers!

4. Hospitality

Hospitality Bosnia And Herzegovina
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The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are extremely nice and hospitable! They always have a smile to offer, or even a hug if they find you really likable! You can’t help but feel right at home here, and please have nothing but love and warmth in return because they deserve it so much! They are so relaxed and you will have a great time with them, especially if you decide to visit a couple of clubs or a coffee shop with them! Just relax and go with the flow!

5. Religion

Religion Bosnia And Herzegovina
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There are three bigger groups of religion in the country: Muslim, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic Christians. The biggest group from these three is the Muslim, almost half of the country belongs to this group. This is a perfect and beautiful example of coexistence in peace and love!

6. Language

Language Bosnia And Herzegovina
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The official language in the country is Bosnian which is a variety of Serbo-Croatian language, but people also know Croatian and Serbian. Also, if you run across a younger person there is a high chance that they will know English, but don’t expect that the older generations will know to answer you in any other language than Bosnian.

7. Is it safe?

safety Bosnia And Herzegovina
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The country is safe, you have nothing to worry about! The war is long over, and even though there are many consequences, you can be sure that the country is completely safe and sound! We really don’t know why, but people all across the world think that Bosnia and Herzegovina is still a war zone, so to all of you who think this, don’t worry, you won’t get shot!

8. Food

Food Bosnia And Herzegovina
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No matter if you’re staying for a day, a week or a month, you simply have to find at least half an hour to try the local cuisine! Cevapi, burek, and baklava must be on your list, and also try some nice and original Bosnian coffee! Their local cuisine is not something you can miss or ignore, you MUST try it!

9. Prices

Prices Bosnia And Herzegovina
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The prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina are really amazing and everything seems pretty affordable. That is if you’re a tourist because in that case, the prices won’t seem too expensive. On the other hand, if you’re a local, you’ll find this part of the article ridiculous (because the salaries are pretty low).

10. Beauty

Nature Beauty Bosnia And Herzegovina
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This is just a bonus entry because I simply must emphasize the beauty this country offers. It has amazing cities, lovely people and extremely beautiful parks and forests! Visit them if you can! Trust us, you won’t regret it! You will have the time of your life there and you’ll fall in love not only with the country but the locals as well!

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