January 16, 2022


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10 Unusual Places To Visit In UK This Summer

The UK is well known for its museums, pubs, fish and chips, castles and historical places. London Eye, Stonehedge, Royal Palace, famous museums and many others are very well known and popular attractions. But if you want to experience something different, we’d recommend visiting some of the below mentioned unusual places, that you probably didn’t even know exist in the UK.

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1. No Man’s Land Fort

An amazing fortress, located near Portsmouth, on the south coast of England, The No Man’s Land Fort was built in 1859 for the purpose of defense. It can be accessed only by boat or ferry, but it also depends on the weather, so before visiting, it would be clever to check the weather forecast. Today the fortress is a host to many events. It has a great restaurant, bar, spa center, hotel with uniquely designed rooms, that have an amazing view. It can be booked entirely for private use, such as weddings, corporate events, and parties.

2. Alnwick Poison Gardens

Amanda Slater, via Wikimedia Commons

Unusual botanical garden, where only deadly or narcotic flowers are grown, this strange Alnwick Poison Garden was the idea of duchess Jane Percy and it was opened in 2005. The opening required many of the government’s permissions, as the garden is host to many dangerous plants, such as cannabis, opium poppies, magic mushrooms, deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna), hemlock (Conium maculatum) and much more. Before entering the garden you will see the signs with warnings not to touch the flowers or even to smell them, as it can be deadly. The walk in this garden can be compared to walk on the edge, but at least it makes it fun.

3. World Worm Charming Championships

 An old market town, with a great historical background, located on the North West of England, it is also known as the annual host of World Worm Charming Championships. It was originally designed as a fundraising event in 1980 and ever since then, it became the tradition of this small and friendly village. Everything is done on only 3 x 3-meter large plot and they even have a Worm Committee and a set of pretty strict rules. The event is hosted every year in June and it’s for sure a fun and extraordinary event to visit.

4. The Kinema in the Woods

The old fashion cinema, located in the woods of Woodhall Spa in the East Midlands region. A Cinema with traditional paper cinema tickets, but yet playing all the latest movies is a great place to visit. The movie projections are held in an old farmhouse and it’s one of the rare cinemas, using back projection. The ticket prices are very reasonable and it’s open throughout the year.

5. Chewton Glen Treehouse Suites

If you like forests and nature, the Chewton Glen Treehouse is the right place for you. It is an award-winning luxury country treehouse hotel on the edge of New Milton and the suburbs of Bournemouth. It is surrounded by trees, with 58 rooms, spa, and your private terrace. Waking up to the sound of birds in a luxury suite is a truly amazing experience. The treehouses are located in New Forest which is an area of southern England. The location is close to the main road and as well as the beach, but yet nicely hidden in the woods, to enjoy the full privacy of relaxing vacation.

6. Mother Shipton’s Park

The historical place, with intact fragments of the Royal forest, a visit to this place is like visiting a scene in a fairytale. The amazingly green grass, old woods, and remarkable waterfalls with high mineral content, this magical place is also a place where visitors can make a wish by holding hands in the water. It is located in the North Yorkshire area and it remains open from April to October.

7. Night at the museum

Enjoy the unique night and sleepover in the Natural History Museum. Kids will enjoy this thrilling way of learning about the history and for grown-ups special so-called Adult Dino Snores sleepovers. You can, depending on the night, feature live music, science show, stand-up comedy, and food tasting. The Museum is located in London and it is very easily accessible.

8. Williamson Tunnels, Liverpool

Kyle J May, via Wikimedia Commons

The tunnels were dug already in  1800, by order of retired tobacco merchant, Joseph Williamson. The reasons why the tunnels were dug, were never revealed and they still remain hidden. There are many speculations, that they were perhaps built as bunkers or maybe just to provide the work for unemployed workers. This labyrinth of tunnels can be visited as a guided tour, organized by a charity organization named The Joseph Williamson Society.

9. The Black Mountain

The Black Mountain is located in the Brecon Beacons National Park and with a height of  802 meters it is the third highest mountain in South Wales. The view on the lakes and landscape from the cliffs is truly remarkable. It is one of the UK’s rare landmarks with such nature and view. Coming back from walking tour, you can visit some of the Inns in the valley that serve homemade and seasonal food.

10. Drinking in a loo

If you have never experienced drinking in a public toilet, now is a perfect chance to do it. London is a host to many loo bars and the interest in such bars in public toilets is over the roof. Very unusual but very great interest. The old public toilets are renovated as bars and club restaurants, which is a bit surprising but very interesting. Definitely, on the top of the list of unusual attractions and worth a visit.