11 Cool Stuff Every Traveler Must Have

Travel accessories are utmost necessary for every traveler. In order to make your trip worthwhile you must have travel essentials along with you. Here is a list of 11 cool stuff every traveler must have. Go ahead and purchase these to make your trips and tours perfect.

1. PVC Chocolate Pattern Travel Passport Holder

PVC Chocolate Pattern Travel Passport Holder
Photo Credit: aliexpress.com

Keep your passports safe and secured in this passport holder while on the move. Made out of PVC, this passport holder is of an excellent quality with fine printing. The chocolate print looks cool and makes it an exquisite product.

2. Toiletry Kit Storage Bag

Toiletry Kit Storage Bag
Photo Credit: amazon.com

The bag is of a convenient size with several pockets to store the toiletry stuff. It is water resistant and has a mesh design in the insides in order to keep the stuff segregated. You can also hang it with the built-in hook.

3. Dry Towel

Dry Towel
Photo Credit: needpix.com

To avoid the towels from getting smelly because of being stored in a wet condition for a long time, you can buy this towel that will dry up quick. Its superfine fiber makes it light weight. Its water absorbency power is good and it is antibacterial too.

4. Digital Electronic Scale

Digital Electronic Scale
Photo Credit: pxhere.com

Made out of sturdy plastic, this digital electronic scale has a 1.5” LCD display where the weight of the luggage is displayed. The product has varied weighing units. It gives accurate results and is strong enough to hold the weight of the luggage. It also displays the temperature.

5. Cushion Neck Pillow

Cushion Neck Pillow
Photo Credit: istockphoto.com

The cushion neck pillow is inflatable and thus easy to carry while on the move. It is made of good PVC material and comes with 2 ear buds, 1 blinder and 1 pouch. The pillow can be easily used in cars, tents, or while resting anywhere and gives comfort and support to the neck.

6. Luggage Belt Strap

Luggage Belt Strap
Photo Credit: pixnio.com

This belt made of polypropylene fiber is used for securing suitcases and thus avoids damage during travel. It comes with an easy quick release buckle so that you can unfasten it with a slick. The belt is durable and of good quality.

7. Foldable Basin

Foldable Basin
Photo Credit: shop.teheca.com

This cool basin comes in an easy to carry pouch and can hold around 10 liters of water when expanded to its full size. It has raised handles on both sides and can be used for purposes such as washing hands/face, while camping, while on the beach etc.

8. Compressed Towels

Compressed Towels
Photo Credit: pexels.com

These towels are packed in a compact design and you need to soak them in water for a few minutes and they will be ready for use. The compact design makes them easy to carry. The material is fine and the towels serve a great purpose for hikers, travelers on the move or while outdoor camping.

9. AC Power Adapter/Charger

AC Power Adapter/Charger
Photo Credit: pxhere.com

A must-have product for travelers, this charger is universal; it has a worldwide compatibility and comes with US/UK/EU foldable plugs. It is compact in size and thus is easy to carry. It is well built and lasts long. A very useful product every traveler must have.

10. 3-in-1 Organizer Storage Bag

3-in-1 Organizer Storage Bag
Photo Credit: flipkart.com

These lightweight and easy to carry storage bags come in a set of 3 with sizes small, medium and large. These can be used to store travel stuff and also clothes. They are durable and water resistant. You can fold them into small pouches when not in use.

11. Self Inflation Cushion Pillow

Self Inflation Cushion Pillow
Photo Credit: oliunid.com

An ideal product for travelers, this pillow is self-inflating and can be stored in a small bag when not in use. It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. It provides comfort and is good to look at too.

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