11 Of The Most Promising And Interesting Female Bloggers

A lot of new blogs appear on the internet every day, and it’s really hard to choose the best.

This article is mostly targeted for women who dream about traveling or make their first steps. Tripedia prepared for you TOP-11 of the most promising blogs, written by female travelers. Each one of them is a very interesting person from different countries.

The order is not relevant – all these blogs definitely deserve your attention.

Read and get inspired! 🙂


1. Karisa Klee http://flirtingwiththeglobe.com/




Even the name of this blog sounds promising, isn’t it?

Karisa Klee is a Midwestern transplant working as an attorney in Atlanta with a serious case of wanderlust.

We are very lucky that this positive and extroverted person finds time also to travel and to share her experience with us! Karisa is not a full-time traveler like many other bloggers, that’s why her blog contains a lot of useful pieces of advice and travel tips for the “working stiff.”

“Don’t let your full-time job be the reason you don’t travel!” – says Karisa.


2. Alexandra Kovacova https://www.crazysexyfuntraveler.com/



(Photo taken by Localgrapher in Prague in front of the Lennon wall.


Alexandra  was born in Snina, Slovakia. She is very talented in learning languages and fluent in Slovak, Czech, Spanish, and English. Alex lived in Slovakia, Czech republic, Spain, Scotland, Italy, Mexico and traveled to more than 50 countries, so she has what to tell us about this world. 🙂

“This blog is about crazy travel, fun adventures, and sexy photos. It is about spa, swimming, snorkeling, massages, adventures, flying, beaches, hiking, animals, city breaks and other experiences around the world.” – that’s how Alexandra introduces her blog.


3. Carly Ottenbreit http://www.travelographie.com/




Carly has traveled to more than 40 countries on 6 continents. Her site, Travelographie, is a travel website for independent travelers who are looking to cultivate authentic and meaningful experiences. “For those who are looking to get under the skin of a place, to begin to understand its people and culture(s), to face the challenge of the unknown” – says Carly.

If you appreciate long-form stories, we are sure that you’ll really love Travelographie.


4. Melissa Giroux http://abrokenbackpack.com/


BeFunky Collage2


Melissa is a solo backpacker from Quebec, Canada. She writes a bilingual blog: in English and in French. Melissa has a very positive style and sense of humor.

Check out her “Travel nightmares” series. You will see that even a travel nightmare can become a funny story! 🙂

“I am not waiting for the perfect moment, I picked one and I made it perfect.” – Melissa’s motto. And we think that this is a very smart way of life! Do you agree?


5. Alyssa Ramos http://mylifesamovie.com/


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Would you like your life to be a movie? Read Alyssa’s tips and tricks!

Alyssa Ramos is a 28 years old solo traveler, full-time travel blogger and volunteer from LA. She has traveled to 36 countries on 6 continents so far.

“I literally chased a dream, and I caught it. It took a lot of work, but if I could figure out how to make it happen, I’m confident that anyone else can too.”– says Alyssa. Ready to check? 🙂


6. Millie Goes http://www.milliegoes.com/




Millie is only 22 years old, but she has visited 5 continents of 7 and isn’t going to stop. Traveling is her passion.

“For all the girls out there who always say ‘I can’t’ – You can. The only person stopping you from achieving your dreams is yourself.”

If you need a dose of inspiration; if you are still dreaming about your 1st visit, but something stops you – read this blog, prepare your backpack and go!


7. Gloria Atanmo http://TheBlogAbroad.com


Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset


“I’m here to inspire others through my journey of being a solo female traveler, pushing the envelope of what’s possible, and creating the life of my dreams through a relentless pursuit and downright hustle.”


Gloria started to travel in 2013, after graduating college, and now she is is a full-time nomad who has plenty of stories to tell.

Gloria has a fantastic style, hilarious sense of humor and her blog can really inspire anyone. Highly recommended!


8. Sabina Trojanova http://www.girlvsglobe.com/




Sabina was born in the Czech Republic and currently lives in England.


Her blog is not only about traveling, but also contains a lot of useful tips about fashion, food and lifestyle. Everything that is important to girls! 😉

“I want to help you bring magic and happiness into your life. Are you ready to become the leading lady in the story of your life?”


9. Alice Teacake http://www.teacaketravels.com/




Teacake is a 31-year-old solo traveler Alice Nettleingham, from England.


Why should you read Teacake Travels?

We liked this blog because it’s humorous and inspirational at the same time. And that’s how Alice answers this question: “I do a lot of solo travel. I’m a lovely English girl. Solo travel and being a lovely English girl = guts and rock and roll. You’ll learn something new or see something really cool.”


10. Aileen Adalid http://iamaileen.com/


BeFunky Collage4


In 2015, Aileen’s blog was named as the ‘Best Youth Travel Blog’ by WYSTC!


At 21, Aileen had quit her corporate job in the Philippines to start a life of travel. Today she is a digital nomad and shares her great experience with all of us. Want to know how to repeat her way? Aileen will tell you about just 5 necessary steps for you to make a similar lifestyle possible:

“My mission? To show you how it is absolutely possible to create a life of travel, and I will help you achieve that through my detailed travel guides, resources, and tips!”


11. Stephanie Kempker Edri http://myquarterlifeepiphany.com/


BeFunky Collage5


Stephanie is  a Michigander turned a world traveler, currently based in Puebla, Mexico. One day Stephanie completely changed her life and …became happy!

“I love my life, and you can too. Your life belongs only to you. Choose happiness. Prioritize joy. Make the leap”.

In Stephanie’s blog, you can find travel tips, pieces of information about learning languages and destination inspiration.


So, here is our list of the most promising and interesting female bloggers.


But how about a bonus 12th blogger? Here she goes:


12. Sana Chikhalia https://sana.ae/




Born and brought up in India, Sana shifted to the UK in her early 20’s to pursue her dream for traveling where she finished her masters in Travel and Tourism.


After traveling to different parts of the world she realized her passion and loves sharing her stories to inspire others like her. Another intriguing part of her blog is her love for food so you can find some fun recipes and her foodie roundups from around the world. Currently in Dubai, you will envy her brunch stories, and globe-trotting for the love of food.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave your comments below!

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