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12 Things I Would Tell A New Traveler

I have been thinking about the things that are useful for a good traveler. These thoughts have propelled me to come up with the article that concentrates on making a first-time traveler fly to their destination with ease. No matter wherever we go, we know that we have to follow a few things that make us a better traveler but also a better person. I am sharing twelve interesting facts that I would like to tell a first-time traveler, which ultimately makes the traveling easier, funnier, and exciting.

1. Washing clothes

Theen … via / CC BY-NC-SA
Well, we all at some point of the time land in an emergency. All of us, including the luxury travelers, experience such a situation. If you land in such an emergency, be prepared to wash your clothes efficiently and quickly.

2. Using needle and thread

Markus Grossalber via / CC BY
Of course, everybody knows about the needle and thread but is unaware of using them. For travelers, they play a crucial role at all times. It is impossible for you to access your future and the period that you would be spending at your destination. You could come across repairing clothes or even your luggage. For that matter, it is useful to acquire knowledge and the basics of using a needle and thread. You might be even saving a couple of dollars when the need arises!

3. Learn about the nearest embassy

illustir via / CC BY
When you are leaving your country and traveling to a different one, the primary necessity is to know the whereabouts of the embassy. As you are unsure about the things that might occur during your stay, learning about the nearest embassy will be quite helpful. Search the Internet to learn about the addresses of embassies in your country according to your destination country. You can even look for Consulates and Diplomatic Missions.

4. Stash emergency money

401(K) 2013 via / CC BY-SA
Although you have booked your accommodation and flight tickets ahead of your actual traveling date, it is necessary to understand the fact that traveling can become unpredictable. Rather than being sorry at the last minute, stashing emergency money is an intelligent way to overcome a hurdle. Store the money is a secret place. However, do not forget about the place!

5. Try saying “No, thank you”

Keoni Cabral via / CC BY
Well, you can begin learning to say the phrase in the local dialect where you are planning to spend your trip. Secondly, the phrase will be helpful for you to become selfish. It is necessary to be that way while you are traveling because you do not want to waste time and money on experiences that are not important to you. Tip – Also, learn to say “Thank you” in the local language.

6. Travel light

Strange Luke via / CC BY
Of course, the choice of packing clothes varies from one individual to another. However, it is always necessary to keep a less of the luggage. Traveling light will give you the chance to explore more opportunities at the destination, spend less on packaging charges, and become an efficient packer. Try to sort out the options you have for clothing, and pack only those or selective clothing attires that seem important for the trip.

7. Learn to swim

berkuspic via / CC BY-SA
Yes, swimming is an essential aspect and the most important tool that you need when you are traveling to a new destination. The reason is that you are unsure when you might need it and because it will give you an opportunity to experience swimming in a different country and a different place. You can explore the undersea, and have a pleasant trip, which is the primary reason for your journey!

8. Polishing driving skills


** RCB ** via / CC BY
Well, you might be an expert back at home. However, when you are traveling to a new place, it is important that you learn about the traffic and the behavior of the drivers on the road. Additionally, practice driving a manual transmission car. You may not find an automatic transmission everywhere you go! It will also help you experience new travel possibilities and use any kind of transportation to reach the final destination.

9. Acquire geographical basics

gfpeck via / CC BY-ND
The basic of geography is a useful characteristic. It will help you transform into a smart traveler! Well, everybody can travel, but will geographical knowledge about the location gives you added advantage and improve your traveling experience. You do not have to know everything about the location! Get to know about the important areas that will prove beneficial for your trip.

10. Carry your travel insurance

free pictures of money via / CC BY
Well, travel insurance might seem like an additional burden on your journey. Nonetheless, it is a useful document that you need, and a must have in many countries for a traveler! It is always best to travel with insurance. The practical importance is because of the disruptions and delays that you might experience during your travel itinerary. Moreover, if you are in need of a medical emergency, without a proper coverage in an unknown place, you might end up paying thousands of dollars and have a debilitating experience. The other reason for insurance is theft/loss of luggage. Pick the right coverage according to your travel itinerary.

11. Learn to sleep anywhere

Hernan Piñera via / CC BY-SA
It is important to master this skill. There are moments where you will see yourself in planes, trains, or cars traveling from one destination to another. A few hours of sleep will mean a lot of difference between going nuts and sanity. Although it is difficult at first, the need and situations will propel you to learn/master the skill of sleeping anywhere.

12. Exercises

whologwhy via / CC BY
You are traveling to run away from the boring and busy daily life and relax in the lap of nature, explore new places, and meet new people. However, it does not mean that you have to skip your exercise regimen. Staying healthy is important to enjoy every minute of your trip. You can always continue the running activity, yoga, or any other exercise during your trip. It will only help in elevating the entire traveling experience because you are maintaining the health needed to explore the destination, enjoy the beauty of nature, and be energetic to participate in entertaining activities!

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