24 hours in Berlin: Attractions Worth Visiting

So you just have one day to explore Berlin, don’t worry, we have come up with a list of top attractive places that you must visit. They highlight Berlin’s history and culture. Berlin is famous for many of its historic landmarks and museums.


If you can include all of these tours, your Berlin trip is complete. Although, I have also included some places that you would want to visit if in case you get some extra time. Some places require not more than a few minutes of your precious time. Just click photos and move to your next hot spot.

1. Experience Nature at Berlin’s Tiergarten and discover 3 top sightseeing landmarks in its vicinity:


This park is a duplicate copy of New Yorks Central Park. It’s a good starting point for your one day trip. You can stroll through this park and discover 3 vital historical landmarks in its surroundings.


This beautiful monument lies at the center of the road and is worth watching. You can have a fascinating view of the city from atop of it. The tickets to get inside it is very cheap. Though the stair climbing activity is tiring but the sensation after reaching the top of Victory Column would mesmerize you. Skip it, if you find a long queue outside.


This typical Soviet architecture at Tiergarten symbolizes a forgotten part of the German history. It’s a memorial for the Soviet soldiers who died in the Battle of Berlin. For History buffs, it’s worthwhile. Don’t forget to have a look at its backside where there is a photo exhibition along with some interpretative information.


As you walk through the park, this palace, where Germany’s President resides, is perfect to have some quick photo sessions. The palace is a stunning piece of architecture. Unfortunately, you can not visit its interiors. Try not to spend much time here as a tourist.

2. The Brandenburg Gate and Madame Tussauds


After your long walk through Tiergarten, this will certainly be your nice finishing point (for relaxation). You have now reached Berlin’s iconic place. Your 24-hours trip won’t be complete without this. Again the views are fantastic from both the sides of this majestic monument. A perfect selfie taking landmark.


Let me tell you that it will also be good if you visit this place at night because the lightings will make it more appealing.


The coffee and donut shops near it are great to vanish your hunger pangs.


I have included this museum only if you are lucky to get some extra time, although it’s not recommended. It is only a few feet’s away from Brandenburg Tor. By visiting it, you would be familiar with all the important German legends and personalities. If possible, try buying tickets online for cheaper rates. Skip it, if you have a time crunch.

3. Reichstag building and Its surroundings


Your next stop will be Reichstag building. From here, you can get an impressive view of the building and even the entire city. The outside view is simply majestic. It is recommended that you should better book the tickets few weeks in advance for seeing it from inside. Otherwise, expect a very long queue and you might loose the opportunity to see. From its checkpoint, you will go through the security check similar to that of the airport. Immediately after the checking, you would be provided with audio guides. Atop from the massive dome, you can have a 360-degree view of the city.


Opposite this Reichstag, have a look at Kanzleramt.

4. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe


Just by walking through these stones, you can feel that darkness of Holocaust. Though everyone would feel it in their own way. The memorial is quite striking and important on your Berlin tour.


Besides this, there is an underground exhibition with audio tours. It has some rooms like -“Room of Families” or “Room of Names”, where the victim’s final letters had been reproduced.
PS- You might not want to visit this museum due to a shortage of time.

5. Bebelplatz Book Burning Memorial


This is another Berlin’s dark tourist spot that symbolizes the early act of terror regime. You won’t find much to see here besides a glass panel on the ground. The underground chamber is lighted and consists of empty bookshelves. So the visit time will be of few minutes.

6. Berlin Cathedral Church


In a 24-hour trip, this architecture should be seen just from outside and for clicking few snaps.
It is not a must-see place but still worth a look, if time permits.

7. Enjoy a panoramic view from Berliner Fernsehturm (TV Tower)


How about having your lunch here at the TV tower restaurant at 203 level. Its platform slowly rotates and from its window seat, you can have a panoramic view. The prices can range from average to a moderate level.


Only wish that for visiting this TV tower, the day is clear, otherwise, you can’t see much. Try buying the fast track ticket to avoid waiting more than an hour in queues.

8. Checkpoint Charlie


This is another hot spot for tourists, however for a full visit, you need to see its exhibition that is on the other side. For this museum, you need minimum 2-3 hours to understand its history. So better avoid museum and move forward to your next destination.

9. Berlin Wall Memorial


This site reminds you of the past hardships that east Berliners had while crossing the wall and how they became victims. Their names and photos are found inside the memorial. Moreover, you can visit the church, just next to it, which was reconstructed later from its debris.
To understand the history of – the wall, watch tower and people’s struggles, visit Documentation Centre. But as we know, we are short of time.

10. Iconic paintings at Berlin’s East Side Gallery


This is considered to be world’s largest open-air mural collection site, where you will find 100+ paintings. This is a fun filled site where you can capture funny photos for your Facebook.  Click snaps in front of the famous artworks like the spot where -a Trabant car breaks through the concrete and where two politicians are kissing.


Hope with this top must-see landmarks, you make the most out of your 24-hour Berlin trip!

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