January 22, 2022


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5 Camping Ideas That Will Make Your Live Easier

Camping is not always about luxury, but there is a great deal of coziness and comfort that could be inculcated into it. The very idea of camping brings a sense of adventure and living in close proximity of the natural beauty of this world, but there are some tactics that can ease one into this lifestyle. For some people, camping is not always a great idea as they do not like staying outdoors without their basic amenities. So in order to create a sense of comfort for them, these tips can definitely come in handy. For starters, always pack a portable toilet and protect your toilet paper against the water. This way the most basic requirement of a good sanitation system is fulfilled, something that is of grave importance to a lot of people.
If you are backpacking, it is advised to go for a properly packed bag which follows a certain order. Your tents and sleeping bag go in the bottom, followed by cooking gear and food items, then stack the clothes on them and finally keep the camera, map and other essentials right on top of the bag for easier access. By following a proper order, one can access any item without rummaging through the whole bag and save a lot of precious time and effort.
Other important camping hacks include some makeshift fire starters and torches which can be extremely convenient. One can pack their coal in used egg cartons to protect it from getting moist. By dipping cotton in wax, fire starters and torches can be made which can really help in a touch situation. Fire is crucial while camping so one must be careful with all the matches as well, just to be on the safe side.
When it comes to camping food, the best idea is to make everything live then and there just for the added experience of being in the outdoors and venturing into something different. Aluminum foil is the hero as it can be extremely helpful. One can cook in it and it also keeps the food warm. Just bring a grill along and use the foil for any particular grilling food items. Other than the foil, one can use small tic tac boxes to store any favorite condiments and spices so that the food tastes even nicer and suits various types of palates.
Camping needs some basic know how of foraging for food from the nature so it is paramount that one consults something authentic before eating everything that may be found as it could be poisonous as well. For an excellent time out in the open, it is advised that some basic tricks are carefully learnt as they can go a long way. These tricks include learning the various types of knots and knowing how to construct or deconstruct the tent. Learning to create a makeshift shelter is also very important especially if one is travelling without a sleeping bag or a tent.

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Beth Martel is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humalitarian. She regularly blogs at HealthyRecharge.com.