5 Days in Chiang Mai

You’ve done Bangkok and are ready to discover the more adventurous, nature-surrounded side of Thailand. Chiang Mai is a well-known backpacker hub and a must for everyone’s first visit to Thailand. Moreover, it is a perfect starting point for anyone who is backpacking or travelling for the first time.

Day 1: The City

Start with a day tour of the city. Chiang Mai is quite small and walkable, but an infamous tuk-tuk is always an option as well! Finding a nice place to take a break and eat or enjoy a coffee will never be a problem here as options abound – the real issue will be deciding what and where to do so!

Day 2 & 3: Adventure

Ready to get outdoorsy? While Chiang Mai is famous for its vibe, it is also known for being the perfect hop-off spot to nearby activities that will get you surrounded by nature.

Day 4: The Pai Experience

Pai is a small town located less than 150 kilometers from Chiang Mai. It provides an amazing opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle

Day 5: Furry friends

Because everyone loves cute animals (no matter how tough we pretend to be), so booking a day tour to zip line across lush forests while spotting gibbons is the perfect way to end the trip!


What do you think of this schedule? And what would you add to it? Leave us a comment with your suggestions below, so newcomers in Chiang Mai get the opportunity to experience your discoveries!


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