January 21, 2022


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5 Of The Best UK Cities To Visit This Year

Do you long for beautiful beaches, breathtaking landscapes and to be surrounded by history and culture? Then perhaps you should consider visiting the UK. Made up of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and voted one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, the United Kingdom has some of the best cities to offer.


From the vibrant and bustling streets of London to the cultural capital of the north, travel across countries by train, bus, or plane to explore the very best in preserved estates, historic castles, world-class music venues, and much, much more. Plan your UK tour with some of the most exciting cities below, and if you need to put your traveling on hold for the time being then add these hotspots to your list for the future.




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The capital city, famous for its fashion, art, iconic landmarks, and beautiful parks, on a scorching summer’s day, London is a fantastic city for people to visit. Tourists can relax and wander around Covent Garden, or emerge themselves in the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus. This city is continuously changing with new places to visit, eat, and drink as well as plenty of seasonal attractions to encounter.


Take a city bus tour, ride the London Eye to witness phenomenal views of the beautiful skyline, or explore on foot, with a walk along the River Thames and take in Tower Bridge, or head to Westminster to visit Buckingham Palace if you’re after a more traditional London experience. However, you decide to spend your time; one thing is for sure, no two visits are the same in this lively and charming city!

Manchester and Liverpool

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Two of the most vibrant metropolitan boroughs to visit in the UK are Manchester and Liverpool. These cities are receiving a lot of attention at the moment due to the creative, digital, and property companies expanding the areas. Head to the ‘London of the North’ Manchester, and jump on the city’s Metrolink to experience the place as a true Mancunian and all that it has to offer. Dive into the Instagram worthy bars and small cafes, or head to the city’s exceptional shopping malls with over 280 stores to browse. Whether you are taking in the fashion, culture, or remarkable architecture, Manchester will be sure to give you an adventure like no other.


Just over thirty minutes away is another city filled with hopes, dreams, and opportunities. Liverpool is home to the world-famous Cavern Club where the Beatles once played and a football team that made sporting history. From thriving bar scenes, savvy restaurants, and genius musicians, this booming city has something for everyone to experience. Much like the people of Manchester, Liverpudlians are also among some of the friendliest folk you will meet, which is why the city attracts millions of visitors each year including tourists, young professionals, and students alike. They are all looking to get a piece of the action in these cities, and with such thriving economies it’s no wonder business developers are enticed to invest in the cities, and why local property company RWinvest refers to them as the ‘Northern hotspots’.


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The UK’s most celebrated beach town recognized for the striped deck chair, pebbled pier, and all-round fun. Brighton is a coastal city in East Sussex, in the South East of England that offers relief from the liveliness of London. The attractive seaside city is a perfect place to spend the day or a weekend with family and friends. In the summer months, you can pick up a surfboard and head into the British waters or grab a fish and chips and walk along the pier.


If the beach is not for you, then stroll around the famous Flea markets and vintage stores to pick up some souvenirs ideal for those that couldn’t make the trip! With a more relaxed feel to this city, spend time taking in the fresh air, and indulge in some exquisite restaurants with produce fresh from the sea.




Famed for the artist Banksy murals scattered across the city, Bristol is a delightful place not too far West of London that presents impressive views, excellent shopping, and a thriving night scene. There are plenty of different areas to explore in this city including the little coffee shops and bistros in Stokes Croft or take in the spectacular scenes in Clifton of the suspension bridge whilst you sip on a glass of red and enjoy the delicious cuisine from French restaurants.


Bristol is sometimes referred to as a city in the countryside with plenty of green spaces to visit. With over 400 gardens and a zoo, you can escape the excitement of the city and laze in the sun at one of the parks or tropical spaces.