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5 Top-Rated Experiences To Consider When Traveling To Japan For A Vacation

Suppose you have decided to spend your upcoming vacation days by venturing to Japan for an oriental getaway. In that case, you might be wondering what to add to your itinerary to ensure you get the most out of your vacation. It is never the best idea to jet off to a foreign region without any idea where to start when you arrive, so we have listed 5 top-rated experiences for you to consider when visiting Japan for a unique vacation.

1. Try Local Butcheries To Recreate Japanese Cuisine

Most travel bugs know that it’s not a financially viable option to eat out at restaurants every day for the duration of your stay. So when it comes to doing a bit of grocery shopping to prepare your own meals for your nights in, you should consider trying the local butcheries to recreate Japanese cuisine instead of shopping for products you are accustomed to. There are tons of easy-to-make Japanese dishes with Miyazaki wagyu beef ribeye steak, and you can easily find recipe ideas online.

2. Experience The Geisha

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Geishas are a unique aspect of Japanese culture, and a vacation in Japan is simply not complete without experiencing at least one Geisha performance. You can witness Geisha performance dances in Kyoto during the spring and autumn seasons. However, even if you are visiting the region during other seasons, you will still see the Geishas going about their daily ways in the same area as they live here in adorable wooden teahouses.

3. See The Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo wrestlers are another cultural aspect that is unique to Japan, as the sport originates from Japan. You can witness the sumo wrestlers in action at various events, although you will have to book tickets beforehand. Matches include fascinating rituals, and the sport dates back to ancient times. You can book tickets for tournaments on Voyagin or opt for a tour to a sumo stable in Osaka or Tokyo.

4. Visit The Hiroshima Peace Museum

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Most of us already know about the Hiroshima bombing that took the lives of many. And if you’re visiting Japan, you should visit this museum to pay your respects. While the park is simply enchanting, the museum is undeniably heartbreaking. However, seeing the museum will give you deep insight into Japanese culture, and once your visit to the museum is done, you can explore the modern city that was rebuilt entirely following the Second World War.

5. Ride The Shinkansen

The Shinkansen is the Japanese bullet train, and train travel is one of the best ways to get around the region due to affordability and convenience. With that said, traveling via this bullet train is an undeniable experience as it travels at ultra-high speeds of almost 200mph. The bullet train travels between major cities at lightning speeds. It is best to purchase a Japanese Rail Pass to use this train as it would otherwise be somewhat costly.

There are several more reasons to visit Japan, and planning your stay will be easy considering all the many things you can do here during your trip. With that said, be sure to include a bit of sightseeing and city exploration as the cultural difference in street fashion and general etiquette is exceptionally intriguing.

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