7 Photography Trips For Travelers who Post on Instagram

Needless to say, you want to take some great images on your vacation or your travels. Thankfully, even the camera on your phone is able to take fantastic images now and share them on sites like Instagram. So, here are some tips for doing so and getting plenty of likes and followers when you’re at it.


1) Always Be Ready To Snap Pictures


Get in the habit of keeping your camera close at hand when you’re traveling. You’re going to be encountering once-in-a-lifetime sights, and you only get one chance to preserve those memories in an authentic and organic fashion! With most modern digital cameras (and even smartphones) you have plenty of storage space to capture great pictures. Try taking multiple variations on each interesting sight; your odds of snapping the perfect picture go up when you take several pics. Don’t worry too much about your camera settings; if you’re shooting lots of photos from slightly different perspectives you’ll probably end up with at least one or two great shots. Remember, you can always get rid of photos that don’t turn out good.


2) Master Your Lighting


Speaking very generally, you’ll want to maneuver so that the sun is behind you when you’re taking pictures. (This is especially productive when you’re using a basic point-and-shoot camera.) You can aim closer to the sun the lower it is in the sky. Experiment with your results at the beginning and end of the day; you may end up with a washed-out scene that captures a very dramatic tone. Here are some good lighting tips.


3) Look For Living People


People going about their business add tremendous vitality to your travel photos. Even when you’re traveling on your own, look for opportunities to take pictures of individuals and groups. If you’re traveling with others, try to find opportunities to snap candid shots instead of posing for each other. Pictures of people doing something or admiring a view are generally more interesting and memorable than simple outdoor portraits.


4) Compose Clean Scenes


While a little action livens up a photograph, you don’t want to overdo it. Have a central focus for each picture you take and try to frame your shots so you aren’t inadvertently shooting distractions around the edges of the picture.


5) Use The Rule Of Thirds


For great composition, think of your field of view broken up into three even sections. This can be done both vertically and horizontally. Today, most cameras and smartphones will apply a grid to help you frame your shots this way. To get the best results, align the strongest vertical and horizontal elements you’re photographing (e.g. tall buildings, the horizon) with your third lines instead of trying to center them in your view. This will create a more dynamic, interesting picture.


6) Look For Unique Details


If you take a look at photos that get popular on Instagram, you’ll see that finding unique and interesting details will help your pictures tell a story. Shoot a mix of different subjects to capture the feel of your destination. Document small moments as well as grand vistas. A series of vacation photos that presents a variety of different subjects and styles is going to retain your interest – and that of others – for much longer than a bland collection.


7) Make the most of Instagram


Instagram is one of the best places to post your holiday snaps. The great thing about it is that you can create a follower base and showcase your images around the world – something that people would find absurd ten years ago. Simply, open an account, add some followers for leverage and post your best shots on there with hashtags of where you took them. In no time at all, you will have a nice big list of followers and plenty of views for your great photos.


These tips will help ensure you get the most from your vacation images and document some fantastic memories when you’re at it.

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