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6 Reasons To Visit Japan This Year

The far east has always been wrapped around with mysticism. Their rich history and unique culture made people interested in exploring the hidden gems of the world. Although there are many countries worth visiting, Japan is probably one of the most enchanting and the most visited one. Although their language may be completely different from yours and you may want to learn some basics, LiveLingua Japanese course will help you overcome the difficulties and make your trip to Japan a very fine experience.

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From traditional temples to modern cities, this country embraces the past and the present. There is a big variety of things you can see and experience there. If you are not sure if going on the other side of the world is worth the money and time, here are 6 reasons to visit Japan this year and they are sure to convince you.

1. Enchanting Past

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Japan is known for its long and rich history. From dragons to shrines to castles, the Japanese culture is one of the most incredible cultures in the world. You can find a lot of palaces, temples and Buddhist sanctuaries across the country that you can explore by joining a guided tour. If you can’t visit all of them, you should at least visit:

2. Mesmerizing Landscapes

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Remember the viral photos of rice fields? Well, they are located in the Japanese mountains. Apart from these captivating fields, there’s a big variety of landscapes you can admire. From the renowned Mount Fuji to breath-taking cityscapes and mountain cities, you can enjoy the wonderful views and explore these hidden wonders.

If you want to see the big cities, you can go to the city observatories, such as the Tokyo tower or Skytree in Tokyo. Outside the big cities, there’s the mountain city Nikko. There, you can enjoy the green nature, vivid lakes, and beautiful waterfalls.

Moreover, you can hike Mount Fuji by joining a group tour. Although this is the most famous and highest mountain in Japan and climbing it can be difficult, the view is worth the trouble. If you start the 6-hours-long journey at night, you will arrive at the top in time to see the most magical view you can imagine – the sunrise of Fuji.

3. Captivating Nature

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Outside the vibrant cities, there’s a breath-taking nature waiting to be explored. There are a lot of forests you can get lost in and relax. There’s a practice of forest bathing you can go on. Although referred to as bathing, it has nothing to do with water. Instead, you spend time in a forest appreciating all of its gifts and the peace it offers you. It is believed that this practice boosts your immune system, reduces your stress, improves your mental health, and enhances your overall health and wellness.

You may even go to a bamboo forest to enjoy the sky-high plants while inhaling clean air. Arashiyama bamboo grove in Kyoto is one of the most famous grooves in Japan. It’s open 24/7 and is free to enter. But, make sure you go during the weekdays to avoid the crowds.

Apart from forests, you can improve your wellbeing by visiting zen gardens. They are located in temples across the country. The most famous of them is located at the RyokanJji temple in Kyoto.

And, let’s not forget the famous cherry blossoms. They are a unique, captivating view that can be seen only during two weeks in spring. So, if you want to see them, make sure you book your trip during that period. You can enjoy the view at the Mount Fuji, Mount Yoshino, and Shinjuku Gyoen.

4. Vibrant Cities

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Although ancient architecture, buildings, and nature make Japan one of the most visited countries in Asia, Japanese cities are no less impressive. There are a lot of magnificent cities, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, you can explore. There are many tourist attractions you can visit, including themed parks, such as Disneyland, castles, temples, markets, and forests.

5. Japanese Cuisine

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Japan is known for its unique cuisine. There are a lot of delicious foods and desserts with a big variety of flavors. The most famous Japanese dish is sushi, but there are other traditional dishes, including sashimi, tempura, and miso soup.

You can explore Japanese cuisine in some of the numerous, charming restaurants in the cities. There are even themed restaurants you can visit, such as robots, ghosts, vampires, and fishing themed restaurants. Moreover, there are animal-themed cafes, where you can drink your coffee in the company of owls and other friendly animals.

6. Shinkansen

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If you want to explore Japan without spending a lot of time, you can travel with shinkansen. These bullet-speed trains reach a maximum speed of incredible 240-320 km/hr. Yet, there hasn’t been any accident so far which makes them a great and safe way to move across the country.

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