7 Best Beaches of Goa You Can’t Miss

Like Thailand is to the world, Goa is to India. Popularly known as the party capital of India, Goa also happens to be the beach capital of the country with its countless beaches and endless beach activities. No matter which part of Goa you visit – North or South, there will unfailingly be a beach within a kilometre or so. If this is your first time in Goa, you are most likely to stay in the north as this is where all the tourist activities take place. North is also where the most famous beaches of Baga and Calangute lie. However, if you are more into peace and quiet and are visiting Goa for a rejuvenation holiday or to take a yoga class, south is where you must head to.

Nonetheless, wherever you want to go or whatever you prefer, take a quick look at our “favourite beaches” guide for Goa and pick your kinda beach from the list. (We bet you would like one or the other).


Beaches of North Goa:


Beaches of South Goa:


Goa is full of pristine beaches, beautiful shores, and breath-taking sunsets. The more you explore the more you will fall in love with this tiny state of India. No wonder it sees the maximum number of tourists every year and most just like to spend months laying on the sunbeds and relishing cold beer with delicious seafood. So, what are you waitin’ for? Pack your bags, book your tickets and leave. (don’t forget the sunscreen and the sarong!)

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