7 day recommended trip along the Adriatic coast

Croatia is country rich in beaches, ancient cities, and historical events. This is a presentation of a 7 day trip you and your family can take while visiting the Adriatic coast and its cities.


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Ancient palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian

Diocletian’s Palace is an ancient palace of Emperor Diocletian in the city of Split. It was built around the year 300 by the Roman Emperor Diocletian. He stayed to live there after the withdrawal from the throne (305 AD) till death (in 316).
It was built in the bay of the peninsula 5 km southwest of Salona, the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. The remains of the palace are today part of the historic center of Split, which is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in Europe from 1979.
From the 7th century palace lives as part of the city of Split.

There are various monuments from various periods like the pre-Romanesque, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, who are witnesses of the uninterrupted life of the city and the creation of new quality. The surviving parts of the Diocletian’s Palace make a big architectural heritage. The most important parts of Palace are Split Cathedral, a monumental court Perystile and Diokletian Cellars.


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The largest Pre-romanesque building in Croatia

Church of St. Donatus (originally St. Trinity) is the most valuable monument of pre-Romanesque architecture of the early medieval period (9th century) in Croatia and symbol of the city of Zadar, due to the particular shape is of one of the most important buildings of its kind in Europe.

By type of construction follows the shape of court churches with circular layout of the early Byzantine to the Carolingian period. However, after its rough monumentality (height 27 and width 22 meters), an unusual cylindrical shape and interior space are distinguished by originality, without some direct models. According to legend, it was built by Zadar bishop Donatus in the 9th century, and is mentioned in the 10th century in famous work “The governance of the state” by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus. It was originally dedicated to the Holy Trinity, and the name Donatus began to be called only from the 15th century.


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A series of defensive stone walls

he walls are complex fortifications that surround the old town of Dubrovnik.
They were built from the 13th to the 17th century for defense purposes, and are 1940 meters long and 25 meters tall. On side next to the land they are 4-6 meters thick, and on the sea side 1.5-3 meters. Walls have four sides, protected by towers.
When the enclosure by walls began in the 13th century, the area of the old town was already defined and could no longer spread. During the Dubrovnik Republic, within of its Walls lived about 2,000 inhabitants in 1272 and about 6,000 people in the 15th century. The Walls are protected by UNESCO.

The city is surrounded by walls and fortresses which make it special, unique and just wonderful to look at. Tourists can climb the walls and enjoy a walk trough the walls with a view of the city and the see underneath. Dubrovnik offers many accommodation arrangements, exclusive hotels, motels, and private accommodations. This city is highly known and appreciated for its history, culture, cuisine and beautiful clean see. It offers its guest wild night parties, as well as a quiet family time and active holidays.

People can ride their bikes, go diving, fishing, boat riding, sailing and many other interesting things. Another great thing about Dubrovnik is the fact that globally famous TV series The Game of Thrones is being filmed there. Precisely that drew many guests to the city and made it even more famous.


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The historic core of Mediteranean city

Crikvenica is situated within easy reach to visitors from Central Europe. It is located in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, known as the Croatian coast, in the Kvarner Bay, just 35 kilometers from the city of Rijeka. The continuity of human life in this region can be traced back more than 30 centuries. About such long inhabitance witness archeological findings of swords, spears, jewelry and remains of numerous prehistoric settlements. Tourism in Crikvenica coast develops from the 1890s and in 1894 was built the Hotel Therapy. In 1906 was proclaimed a health resort and tourism is more developed after World War II. Now, Crikvenica is one of the most popular Croatian coastal tourist cities with numerous beaches and rich nightlife.


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The historic core of Mediterranean city

Biograd na moru is a littoral town in northern Dalmatia. It is located approximately 28 km south of Zadar. The town itself is well known for its beautiful sand beaches, picturesque bays, and many camping places. The town is a local commercial and traffic center, with good connections with its hinterland, surrounding coastal villages, small towns and the island of Pasman. Biograd was first mentioned in the tenth century, and since then the town attracts the attention of many travelers.

The thing that tourists will appreciate the most is the fact that Biograd has many camping places by which the town is known. Auto camp Ljutić and Soline, just to name a couple. Visitors from all over the globe come to these camps and enjoy beautiful camping area intertwined with pine forest and other natural elements which make the camp one of the best camps in this part of Adriatic coast.

Parents will mostly appreciate a big sandy beach, which has many accompanying contents to offer. The beach offers water bikes, inflatable balloons in the water used for climbing and jumping, pastry shops, ice cream shops, and many small restaurants along the beach. Therefore, people can enjoy the whole day without lacking food, drink nor fun things to do.

Biograd has a few hotels, and hotel Ilirija is one of the largest and the best in town. The hotel is known for its culinary specialties. Visitor can enjoy local Dalmatian cuisine and a view towards the Adriatic see.

When visiting the town core, people will be able to enjoy eating in many little restaurants placed along the coast with a view of the ships and small boats. The nightlife does not offer wild parties, but there are a few night clubs and cafés open till early morning hours.

Biograd is a town mostly suitable for quiet leisure time. If you are looking for licentious night life, you will not be able to find it. However you will be able to go out and have fun, but the town is an ideal place to relax with family and children.


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The historic core of old Mediteranean city protected by UNESCO

Trogir is a city in Croatia, part of Split-Dalmatia County.
City of Trogir was founded by Greek colonists from the island of Vis in the third. c. BC. In Central Europe, considered the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town. The castle and tower walls make up the core of Trogir.
The most important cultural monument is the cathedral, whose western portal was made by Radovan. Trogir is situated on the coast of Kastela Bay, and partly on the island of Ciovo, coupled with the stone bridge. Trogir delights visitors by cultural and historical monuments, narrow streets and art collections, with many masterpiecesn.


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The most important architectural achievement of the 15th and 16th centuries in Croatia

Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik due to its exceptional value was included in the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage in 2000. The idea of building this cathedral is dating from 1298, when Sibenik got its own diocese and the city. The decision to build the beginning of the preparatory work was made in 1402. Construction, however, only began in 1431 and lasted intermittently until 1536. In the first decade on it work Venetian Gothic builders and Sibenik stonemason masters. During this time, they built the southern and northern wall, gothic parts of the façade and both portals. At the end became a triple-nave basilica with three apses and a dome (32 m high inside).

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