7 Experienced Travelers Giving Pro Advices

Going on a journey is one of the best decisions you may take in your life. For those who have taken such decision, Tripedia prepared a special list of 7 best bloggers sharing different travel tips. Budget planning, guidebooks, routes to go through and places to eat in – all this and even more is described on the pages of these blogs. We hope that you all will find a piece of advice that will turn your travel into a positive experience and an unforgettable adventure.

1. Jennifer Cooper



(1) Jen and Ben Kuang Si Falls Laos_1

(Kuang Si Falls, Laos, photo provided by Jen & Ben)


Jen & Ben started to keep the blog after a 7-month journey which began in 2011. During the past 5 years, they’ve been sharing their experience and joy with anyone who visits their blog. Jen & Ben visited more than 30 countries and continue to search new itineraries for travelling. In a special category “Pre-Departure” this couple shares numerous tips about travel costs, backpacking and even health and beauty. We are sure you will find this site very useful and inspiring.


2. Mayssam Samaha



(Photo © Marie-France Coallier)


One of the main problems almost all travelers face during the trip is how to find a good restaurant or café with a tasty meal. Mayssam’s blog may be a great solution for these “hungry stomachs”! Category “Address Book & Maps” will help you to discover many good places for dinner. Mayssam also shares recipes and travel tips, writes cookbook reviews and keeps her readers informed about latest news in food and travel.


“No one and nothing will stop me from sharing a meal and a laugh with a stranger half way across the globe” – says Mayssam in one of the articles.


3. Marta Kulesza



HOME - InAFarawayLand.com - Mozilla Firefox 2016-05-12 14.57.36



Marta – the author of this blog – is a talented photographer, experienced traveler and a bright person who is ready to share stories about her adventures with everyone. Marta is fond of photography: every article contains a lot of photos clicked by her. The site also has a special category “My Photo Gear” where Marta shares tips about cameras and other devices that will help you to capture the best moments of your travel. Don’t miss the opportunity to find new information and inspiration on pages of Marta’s blog!


“I want to show you the world through my lens and give you few tips on travelling along the way” – says Marta about her site.


4. Marie Pottiez



(4) Marie Pottiez

(View of Hong Kong, photo taken by Marie)


Marie describes herself as a “French designer, passionate about our beautiful planet”. She has travelled many countries by now and currently lives in Hong Kong. Marie has her own creative view for every new place and shares it with experienced travelers. But those of you, who make the very first steps in travelling, may find a lot of useful and inspiring info in such sections as “Quick guide”, “Itinerary” and “Travel Tips” on Marie’s site.


“I’ve just decided to make travels my priority in life” – says Marie.


5. Kim Pham & Phil Shen & Terri Phillips



(5) BTFCPortrait

(photo provided by the team of “Behind The Food Carts”)


Most of the travelers would admit that they had an experience of trying food cart meals. If for some reason or another you still haven’t done it in your journey, this site will give you inspiration. Kim, Phil, and Terry adore mobile kitchens and people who put their souls in making tasty dishes in these kitchens. Their blog is literally a list of food carts: it awakens appetite and proves that fast food can be tasty, healthy and funny. Getting ready for your next travel? Don’t forget to check their site for a few food carts available on your itinerary.


6. Piritta and Niina



(6) Piritta and Niina

(during water rafting on the Zambezi River)


Piritta and Niina started travelling together in 2008. Since then, they never miss an opportunity to take another weird trip and to explore new destinations. Their blog has a dedicated category “Tips” containing various (and sometimes really bizarre!) pieces of advice about travel routes, trip planning and dozens of “How to…” articles for all journey occasions. If you don’t like ordinary trips or looking for a new reason to travel more – you are welcomed!


7. Andrew and Emily



(7) Andrew


(7) Emily

(photos provided by Emily and Andrew)


Several years ago this enthusiastic travel couple decided to leave East London and go to Latin America. Andrew and Emily are fond of photography and journeys itself. Their blog has a special category for snaps which they take while travelling. Live streets, architecture, and portraits: these won’t leave you untouched. We also should highlight a very helpful category “Travel sources” where many of you may discover lots of tips and hacks for future journeys.


“We hope it can be a catalyst for you to find your own dusty road” – say Andrew and Emily about their blog.


Let us know which advice helped you and share your own bits of advice in comments!

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