January 22, 2022


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7 Must-Things To Do In Boston At Night

When it comes to college towns in the United States, Boston is probably the first to come to mind. After all, this is the home of Harvard University, one of the most academically demanding and prestigious schools in the country, and you know what they say, “The harder they study, the harder they party.”
If Boston is known primarily as a college town, it is known secondarily as a drinking town. In fact, even George W. and Barack Obama were probably known to imbibe a bit in their college days, and who could blame them in a city with a nightlife as vibrant as Boston’s? If you’re looking to party Boston style, here is where you can find Boston’s strongest hanging out.

1. Fenway Park Area Bars

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If there’s anything Bostonians love as much as good Guinness, it’s probably good baseball. After the RedSox score a victory on their home field at Fenway Park, you can be sure you’ll find a lot of Boston Natives ready to celebrate, and thankfully, they don’t have to look far. When Red Sox fans find that the night is just beginning after the Red Sox win, here are some places where they go to blow off steam.

2. Landsdowne Pub

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Of course, there would be no Red Sox victories without the luck of the Irish, and at Landsdowne pub, luck flows from every pint. The city of Boston wouldn’t be the city of Boston without its Irish heritage, and no Irishman worth his salt would ever find himself out of reach of a good pub.
If you’re not Irish, it doesn’t mean that you can’t drink like you are, and at the Landsdowne, there’s plenty of opportunities to do just that. At the Landsdowne, you get the Killian’s Red, the Blue Moon, and the Allagash White to chose from in the brew department to wash down all the traditional Irish Pub fare. The House Made Bangers and Mash come highly recommended, and the New England Seafood Stew is a mariner’s feast.

3. Sky Lounge and Rooftop Terrace

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If you want to get high in Boston, the Sky Lounge Rooftop and Terrace will lift your mind and your body. Spanning an entire floor of the Boston Hotel, the Skylounge is a little slice of heaven with a little slice of lime in some of the most creative cocktails Boston has ever seen.
Highly recommended comes the M Street Mojito with Bacardi Coconut, lime, mint,  and Fresh Raspberries, or, if your taste buds are sufficiently dulled, the  Pina Caliente, with Hornitos Plata and jalapeños sure to make even the coolest among us break out in a sweat.  And the best part? All cocktails can be upgraded to a big ticket bowl for sharing, after all, the sky’s the limit at the Skybar.

4. Alibi

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Even though it may be set in an old “drunk tank” of what once was the Charles Street Jail, this joint has come a long way from “the joint” it once was. While the brick walls and industrial steel ceilings and bluestone floors may remain from its holding cell days, the Alibi is taking no prisoners now. In fact, its safe to say that no convict could ever expect to be served grub like this has, even on his last day on Death Row. The bottles, bubbles, and bites at the Alibi are so beautiful, its a crime. As for the style, there’s a lot more high life than low life going on at the Alibi, so come in and indulge, and if you do get into trouble, at least you’ve got a good alibi.

5. Parker’s Restaurant

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If your idea of Boston Cream Pie is a donut with a dab of custard in the middle, prepare to have your mind blown.  Whereas the Faneuil Hall in Boston is known as the birthplace of liberty, Parker’s House is hands down the birthplace of the Boston Cream Pie. James Otis may have given his fiery speech at Faunheil Hill in 1761, but Chef Sanzian created the Boston Cream Pie at Parker House in 1855, and the argument still rages on which is more patriotic. However, no matter where your allegiance lies,  there is one thing that can’t be disputed: if you want to find the best Boston Cream Pie in the world, you’ll find it at Parker House.
Of course, you don’t have to go to Boston to get the iconic taste of the original: thanks to modern technology, you can have the pie shipped right to your door and save yourself the price of airfare, but honestly, there’s more to  Parker House than its creampie. After all, any one with that kind of culinary genius has a lot more where that came from. Not only is the Parker House known for its sweets, its also known for its Boston Scrod. It’s been named one of Zagat’s Top 15 Most Iconic Restaurants  and one of the 10 Unexpectedly Romantic Restaurants in Boston, so if you don’t fall in love with the cake, you might fall in love with your dining

6. SoJuBa

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Whether you want to shake your booty, or eat some boodae jongol hot pot, one night at SOJUba and you’ll be feeling the SOJU love. Even a Boston snow storm can’t keep the SoJu crowd from those fried chicken wings, and great drinks. And the pineapple has never made a more fitting centerpiece than in the Sojuba Pineapple fried rice.
So, do you want to come and join the Soju Wave? Float in for trivia night, karaoke, stiff drinks and, low lighting and high times at SoJuba.

7. The Tunnel

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Can you dig the Tunnel? If you are looking for the lowdown on the throw down, you’re going to dig the tunnel.
You may feel as if you are dodging paparazzi when you arrive at the secret entrance of the W Hotel to be whisked into the mirror private elevator that takes you to the Tunnel, but the real celebrity treatment starts when you hit the ground floor. At the Tunnel, all visitors get the star treatment. With table service and posh lounge areas, pumping bass, and live DJ action, you’re going to find a lot to dig at the Tunnel, so live it up and party down.
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