January 27, 2022


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7 Must-Things To Do In New York At Night

You might just as well refer to “New York Nightlife” as “New York Life.” There is little that happens in the “city that never sleeps” before the sun goes down, and when it does it, count on it to be interesting. If you’re looking to channel your inner nocturnal animal, New York is the place to do it. So, tune in, and turn on. Watch out for the seven must-things to do in New York at night.

1. House Of Yes

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”House Of Yes”]
In a world of naysayers, it is always nice to find a place that says “yes.” Yes to creativity, yes to dance, and yes to partying. If you’re looking for a reason to don your blue wig, g-string, and vinyl bra, get in the House. At the House of Yes, people are a part of the decor. Aerialists can be found hanging from every space of the ceiling at the Brooklyn nightclub, wearing very little, and striking poses that most of us wouldn’t attempt on the solid ground.  Groove to the heavy bass sounds of the d.j., with a different theme every night. Whether you’re there for the Roller Disco, or Dirty Thursday Blacklight night, anything goes at the House of Yes.

2. Ninja Restaurant

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If high- end Japanese fusion- style cuisine isn’t enough to entice you, the chance to spot a ninja might. Step through the doors of the Ninja restaurant and you’ll step into a feudal 18th-century Japanese maze with the 21st-century cuisine and the service? Don’t be surprised if your tempura roll comes with a side of sword-bearing ninja. However, despite the ninja presentation, the dishes are the main attraction. And if you’re a vegetarian, there are some great veggie tacos, just make sure the occasional flying Chinese star doesn’t end up in your tempura.

3. Monday Night Trivia At the Gutter

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If you’ve got your head in the gutter, it might be a good place for it on Monday nights in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This popular bowling alley/ night spot may feature craft brews, hardwood lanes, nineties style alleys, and live music every night, but even the best ball rollers find Trivia night to be a challenge. Every Monday night from 7-9, the sound of falling pins subsides, and the sound of Trivia begins. The game lasts for five rounds, each with its own themes, such as history, science, or movies, and the winner gets a round of bowling and drinks on the house which is when the Guinness stout starts to pour, and the winner is toasted with mugs of Allagash White. Then everybody’s off to the lanes to get a little more guttural and a little less cultural.

4. Therapy

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Therapy”]
Before interracial marriage became legal, before there were two- daddy families and Parent’s Day, there was New York City, where gay was never a dirty word. No city in the country has as many gayborhoods as New York, and gay bars and restaurants are some of the wildest night spots in New York; no one knows how to live it up quite like men in makeup.Therapy may be a relative newcomer to the LGBT community, but it’s also one of the hottest. The bi-level club hosts some of the best in live drag shows during the week, and an all-night party called Insomnia Friday to get patrons from Friday night debauchery to hair of the dog Saturday with DJ A.J. Sanchez at the turntable. And, if you’re still there at lunchtime, we hear they make a mean Cobb Salad.

5. Bowery Ballroom

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Bowery Ballroom”]
True New Yorkers will recognize the contradiction in terms of the name of this nightclub. At one time,  the likelihood of a ballroom located anywhere near the Bowery, once known as New York’s hub for the homeless, would have been unthinkable. However, in New York, there is no place like the Lower East Side for a party, and if it’s in a ballroom, so be it. The music scene in New York is known to have given birth to some of the biggest names in music, and the Bowery Ballroom is dedicated to bringing up next generation. If you’re looking for the hippest and brightest stars of college radio, you’ll find a different one every night at the Bowery. It has got three floors, with three bars, and in New York, that’s a recipe for a good time.

6. Gotham Comedy Club

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Gotham Comedy Club”]
New Yorkers are known for their wry wit and sarcasm, so what better place than New York for a comedy club? The Gotham Comedy Club is rife with the humor that has defined New York for decades. The Gotham opened in 1966 under the discriminating eye of FIT grad Chris Mazilli who knew a thing or two about interior design, and even more about comedy. The 3,300 square foot space is known for its ambiance as well as its entertainment. In the past, the Art Deco nightclub has given a touch of class to the lewdest in comedy, making even the profane jokes of  Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Dane Cook, Roseanne, Lewis Black, and Dave Chapelle seem respectable, and if a club can do that, it’s worth checking out.

7. The Rose Bar

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If you have a vision of hobnobbing with the upper crust, attending Fashion Week after parties, and intimate charity fetes with A-list celebrities, the Rose Bar might be a good place to be seen sipping a cocktail. Why? Because the Rose Bar is so darn beautiful! The Rose Bar is just one of the works of art that make the Gramercy Hotel such a favorite among those with an aesthetic eye. With every room filled with Julian Schnabel’s handcraft furnishings, artworks of Andy Warhol, crystal glasses, and velvet bronzed studded headboards, it would be hard for anyone to look bad in any room in this space, and the Rose Bar is the social center. Sit under its saw-toothed chandelier and prepare for celebrity spottings galore, but resist the urge to snap selfies, the regulars may think its tacky.
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