January 22, 2022


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8 Places To Visit During Your Trip To Vijayawada

Are you planning to visit Vijayawada on a casual or official trip? Whatever be the nature of your travel, there are several things to do here. With some planning and booking the best hotels in Vijayawada, your trip is sure to become all the more exciting and memorable. Located in the Indian Southern part, this place is filled with interesting places, ancient architecture, lush greenery, beaches, adventure activities, culturally rich and convenient and affordable ways to travel around. Watch out for the 8 places to visit during your trip to Vijayawada.

1. Shrines & Temples

Balajirakonda, via Wikimedia Commons

Indians even in today’s modern culture have tradition and culture deeply rooted in their hearts. Religious places are inviting, and churches, shrines or temples are the first places to visit during any trip, especially to South India. You can visit Kanaka Durga Temple, located 5 kilometers distance from the city center. Hazrat Gareeb Shah in Kondapalli Fort, Persian Sufi Saint’s Dargah Shareef, and Hazratbal mosque are the most visited religious spots. Gunadala Church or St. Mary’s Church is visited by tourists and locals alike.

2. Beaches

RC SRIKANTH, via Wikimedia Commons

There are several beaches in Vijayawada admired for its beauty, serenity, and location near the city. The three popular beaches are Suryalanka Beach, Vodarevu Beach and Manginapudi Beach. Both sunset and sunrise here are just awe-inspiring. You can either relax or take a walk admiring the beauty of nature. If you are adventurous at heart, then try the different water sport activities like swimming, boating, fishing, or just sunbath to rejuvenate your tired soul. Vodarevu beach is amazing for romantic couples to enjoy the seaside open dinner. Dolphins can be spotted if lucky at Suryalanka Beach in November.

3. Undavalli Caves

Photo by durgaraovuddanti on Foter.com

If you love visiting heritage sites, then Undavalli Caves are the best place to be and sure to leave you completely speechless. From the city center, the caves are located just about 7 km away. The remarkable feature of the caves is that it is carved from just an individual huge rock. It is a 3-floor structure that was carved during the Gupta dynasty and standing tall right from the 4th & 5th centuries. There is a huge idol of the Hindu god Vishnu on the 2nd floor in a reclining posture. The middle section has been dedicated to Trimurti, namely Mahesh, Vishnu, and Brahma. The external part of the 3rd floor has amazing carvings of lions and elephants and does appear mesmerizing from the top. The caves were the place where Buddhist monks were known to rest. You can take plenty of pictures and selfies of the rare structure.

4. Prakasam Barrage

Photo by Subhash Chandra on Foter.com

The city of Vijayawada does boast of having an excellent mix of ancient and modern structures. One classic example of architectural modern marvel is the Prakasam Barrage. It is a long road bridge of about 1200m constructed over River Krishna. The river’s stunning backwaters provide the city with a unique setting and having Kanakadurga Hill as its backdrop. The barrage is regarded to be a significant irrigation project during the 1950s in South India. This dam also offers a beautiful view of the lake. The water surrounding the barrage is not that deep. So, boating can be enjoyed here along with other interesting and exciting water activities. Amidst the barrage’s backwaters is located Bhavani Island.

5. Kolleru Sanctuary & Lake

ChanduBandi, via Wikimedia Commons

Bird lovers & watchers are sure to enjoy visiting Kolleru Lake to check out a few rare birds that are found here, both resident and migratory. This place is best visited between October & March. You can find local & migratory birds, estimating over 20 million. It is a freshwater lake that is located around 90 km distance from the city. Reaching the lake from the city takes around 2 hours. Locals and tourists visit the place for a picnic. It is yet to be declared a sanctuary. Few migratory birds are open bill storks, black-winged stilts, painted storks, red-crested pochards, white & glossy ibises, shovellers, teals, pintails, common redshanks, avocets, cormorants, and gadwalls. Getting on the watchtower is the best way to spot the birds in action. You can take pictures of the birds up close.

6. Cruising over River Krishna: Bhavani Island

Photo by brand_guru2002 on Foter.com

It is a popular spot that is located from the city center at a distance of just 5km. To visit the island, get to Berm park close to Krishna riverfront and take a cruise that takes about 5 minutes for reaching the island. The State government tourist department maintains the island and provides tourists with several activities to enjoy for a couple of days. There are water activities, restaurants, parks, educational laser shows, rifle shooting, archery, low rope course, bull ride, ATV ride, zipline, wine transverse, mechanical trampoline, spider web, wall climbing, paintball and mechanical trampoline to enjoy.

7. Victoria Museum

Gnana Sreekar, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are eager to know more about the city’s culture, tradition, and history to derive valuable information, the museum is located close to the city center at about 15km. This archaeological museum was opened in 1887 for the public. Here, you can learn about pre-historic tools, pottery, copper & stone plates, silver & gold coins, etc. There are also armory & arms, manuscripts, stone cut writings, textiles including certain objects obtained during excavations at different historical sites. Here is also kept Lord Shiva’s idol, which is a primary attraction. The idol is believed to date back to the early 4th & 5th centuries. There is also present a well-preserved huge granite Buddha statue dating back to the 3rd century.

8. Kondapalli Fort

Vin09, via Wikimedia Commons

From the city center, the fort is located at about 25 km and displays the stronghold and might of the region. This huge structure had been constructed during Reddy king’s regime Prolaya Vema Reddy during the 14th century. Orissa’s Gajapati Rulers had captured the fort and later it was conquered by Vijayanagar Empire’s Krishna Devaraya. This fort was also part of the Qutubshahi Kingdom in later years. The Britishers had used it to train their soldiers. The architectural design and massive structure are admiring. Outside the fort are sold Konda toys, popular across the globe for its vibrant colors and unique designs.
In short, a well-planned trip is sure to help you visit every important place in Vijayawada.