January 16, 2022


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8 Things To Do With Kids In Fremantle On School Holiday

School holidays give the kids the day off which means you can prepare for a day full of fun activities to keep them (and yourself) entertained. Discover the fun side of Fremantle in this list of best things to do on their school holidays. From educational site visits to leisure activities, there’s something to enjoy for the entire family.


1. The Roundhouse

Moondyne, via Wikimedia Commons


Education shouldn’t stop even though your kids are on a school holiday. And better, yet, how about mixing in a bit of fun with it? Take your kids down to the Roundhouse over the holiday! Give them a chance to explore the oldest public building in Western Australia. The Roundhouse was built as a jailhouse in 1831, maintaining its original aesthetic. The interactive site is sure to keep them entertained. Plan to visit the building just before 1 PM and one lucky visitor will get a chance to sound the signal; an old tradition used to mark the time for sailors. They’ll be glad to stay on the right side of the law when they get the chance to put their heads into the headstocks for a rare photo opportunity.


2. Shipwrecks Museum

Nachoman-au, via Wikimedia Commons


Arriving in Fremantle hasn’t always been as easy as it is now. Countless ships throughout history have ended up in shipwreck trying to explore the WA coast. Artifacts from these shipwrecks have been collected and housed in exhibitions in the Shipwrecks Museum. Kids will love the chance to see real-life artifacts recovered from the bottom of the ocean, some dating as far back as the 17th Century. Original wooden panels from ships, coins, personal values, and cannons are just a few of the relics you’ll discover. Your kids may discover hidden treasure in some of the hands-on activities at the museum.


3. Fremantle Markets

Photographs by JarrahTree, via Wikimedia Commons


The Fremantle Markets are open on weekends and public holidays, most likely corresponding with your kids’ school holiday. Stop by the food and artisans market that has been a Freo staple for more than a century. Music and dancing create a perfect atmosphere while browsing more than 150 vendor stalls. You can shop for everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to handicrafts made from indigenous people. Come with an empty stomach. Vendors will be more than excited to give you a taste of some of their delectable treats. You and your kids will have a great time wandering the busy aisles of the market.


4. Bathers Beach

Photographs by JarrahTree, via Wikimedia Commons


The perfect way to spend any day off is on the beach. Bathers Beach is the best alternative for kids on a school holiday than having to sit in a classroom. You’ll have no problem getting to the beach which is located nearby many of the top areas in Fremantle, including downtown and the Fremantle Harbour. There’s a chance of running into familiar faces here since Bathers Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Fremantle. There’s plenty of space to lounge around in the sand or venture out to the water for a refreshing dip in the bay. Be sure to catch the iconic sunset from Bathers Beach before leaving.


5. Esplanade Park

Moondyne, via Wikimedia Commons


Esplanade Park offers you and the kids a chance to escape the city life of Fremantle. The large green space is filled with trees and open space, perfect for enjoying a day outside to play. Kids can run around the fields while you sit back in the shaded areas. The picturesque views of the ocean make it a worthwhile place to visit. Take time to explore some of the facilities placed throughout the park. The Ferris wheel is a major focal point in Esplanade Park with the top providing views over Fremantle Boat Harbour. You’ll also discover a playground, an obstacle course, and restaurants. It’s an excellent choice for a school holiday picnic.


6. Fremantle Boat Harbour

Photographs by Gnangarra…commons.wikimedia.org


Take the kids down to the Fremantle Boat Harbour during their school holiday for a day full of fun. They’ll be taken away by the range of boats docked in the harbor. The boat harbor is also known for having some of the best food in Fremantle. Try one of the signature fish and chip dishes at one of the local spots. After lunch, grab a couple of ice cream cones and take a stroll along the harbor enjoying the atmosphere. Cicerello’s restaurant is known to host activities catered to kids during the holidays. Kids will love the floating bouncy castle, aquarium tours, and fish feeding.


7. Rottnest Island

Ndaaunhi, via Wikimedia Commons


Visiting Rottnest Island with kids on their school holiday will be an experience to look forward to. Hop on the 30-minute ferry ride from Fremantle, and you’ll arrive at Rottnest. It won’t be long before you come across the quokka, the signature animal of Rottnest, that’s always camera-ready for a #quokkaselfie. Take a bus tour or rent bikes with children seating to explore the 63 beaches located around the island. For a bit more thrill, take a high-speed Thrill Ride Tour, a boat tour around Rottnest. You may even catch a glimpse of sea lions and dolphins out in the water.


8. Fremantle Arts Centre

David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada, via Wikimedia Commons


Kids will have endless fun at the Fremantle Arts Centre. A school holiday is an excellent time to visit to have plenty of time to explore the center’s latest exhibitions. One of the latest exhibits, Idols, is featured as part of the 2019 Perth Festival. See up-close ceramic idols created by local WA artists. The arts center gives you a chance to discover the unique styles of aboriginal art derived from the region in a series of events and exhibitions.



Picture Credits: pixabay.com


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