9 Films That Will Inspire You To Travel

1. Into The Wild 


Chris McCandles burns his IDs, donates all his savings and sets off in a moneyless journey around the United States.


2. Life Of Pi 

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An Indian man tells the story of the time he was left stranded on a lifeboat with only a tiger to keep him company.



3. The Way

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Upon the death of his son walking the Camino de Santiago, his father sets off to finish what was started.


4. Motorcycle Diaries

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Che Guervara’s first trip around South America and the first step towards his need to revolute. “Let the world change you and you can change the world”.


5.  Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

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Walter Mitty works in the photography department for a big publication and is often daydreaming of an exciting life and the person he wishes he was. Upon losing cover photo of the next issue, he sets off to find it and ends up in Iceland, Pakistan and other countries.


6. The Beach 


Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) jets off to Thailand with the desire to explore the country off-the-beaten path. In Bankok, he meets Daffy, a Scottish who tells him about a secret island. The morning after, Daffy is found dead next to a map with the island’s location. Together with a French couple Richard met, they set off to find the island.


7. On The Road

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Kerouac narrates the story of his travels around the United States and Mexico throughout the years.



8. Lost In Translation


Bob, an aging movie star and Charlotte, a young college graduate meet in a hotel in Tokyo and together they set off to discover the city – forming an unlikely bond.


9. Out of Africa

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Karen travels to Africa to join her fiancé and start a dairy farm together. She soon gets divorced and opens a school for tribal children.

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