A Couple Of Tips For Flying With Your Dog

So, you are planning to take your pet along to your holiday destination. Well, of course, you don’t want to leave him, or her alone at home or with untrustworthy neighbors but taking the pet along can be quite stressful. However, with some tips mentioned in this article, you can avoid disappointments or a bad experience.

So, here are the top dog traveling tips:


1. Book as Early as Possible

Most of the airlines only allow one or two poodles in a single flight and so, you will want to book as early as you can. Also, avoid buying the ticket before calling the airline and ensure there’s available space for your pet. If there’s an open space, reserve both your seat and the pet’s while still on the phone. This will prevent disappointments and inconveniences later on.


2. Consult A Vet Before Flying

It is important that you visit your pet’s vet for a check up to ensure that all vaccinations are up to date. Also, make sure you get a certificate from the vet at least ten days before traveling. For more information, especially when traveling overseas, you can visit the International Pet Travel agency.


3. Purchase a Carrier

Regardless of the size of your pet, there is a carrier to match them. Pet carriers are available in soft-sided and hard sided forms – look at these ones here at Petcarrierverdict.com. However, you will want to go for the soft-sided type since they usually fit well under the seat. Still, you will want to ensure that the carrier can fit under the seat of your flight and be sure to check the size restrictions of your airline. If the pet will be traveling in the cargo section, then you certainly want to go with the hard-sided carrier, preferably one with plenty of ventilation holes. The carrier should be big enough for your pet to stand, turn and lie down comfortably during the entire flight.


4. Fly Direct

When traveling with a pet, the last thing you want is flying on a hectic day. If possible, book a non-stop direct flight since long trips can be very uncomfortable especially if the pet will be traveling in the cargo section. Also, it is advisable to fly in the morning or evening during summer when the temperatures are favorable and midday during winter when the temperatures aren’t extreme.


5. Feed and Exercise The Dog

Feed the pet a couple of hours before the flight and don’t give him or her anything to eat right before the flight. A full stomach can be quite uncomfortable during a flight for a pet. However, you should ensure that he or she is properly hydrated up to the time of travel. Just ensure they empty the bladder before getting on the flight. Exercise is ideally important before the flight. Here are some tips.


6. Arrive At The Airport Early

It is advisable to arrive at the airport early enough and bring along your pet’s health certificate. Keep in mind that most airlines do not allow pet checking more that four hours before the flight. As such, I would advise you to arrive two hours before your flight. Also, know that when traveling with a pet, you must check in at the counter as self-service is not usually permitted.


7. When You Arrive…

Before you can check in or travel to your exact destination, it is advisable to take your dog for a walk. This way, he or she will feel more comfortable, and they will get the hang of the new surroundings. This is ideally helpful for you and your pet since they will realize that the same rules and boundaries you set at home still apply. By the time you reach your destination, your dog will have tuned to the environment and will feel right at home. The pet will also be less problematic, making your vacation even better.


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