January 29, 2022


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A Halloween Special: The Scariest Places Of Serbia

Serbia, as we all know it is a beautiful country. But even the most beautiful things have hidden and scary secrets, don’t they? There are many spooky places in this country which aren’t for the faint hearts and which have a really interesting story. Today we bring to you a list of places which are said to be haunted or are simply really scary! If you’re not a scaredy-cat, visit them and let us know what you think of them! Now, without further ado, we give you the 10 scariest places of Serbia! Have fun, and don’t turn off your lights while reading this!

1. The Haunted Building of Zemun

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Haunted Building of Zemun”]
Sometimes weird things happen in buildings, we admit it, there’s nothing paranormal about that. But in this building, things are getting crazy. People are killing either others or themselves, they die and no one notices it for 6 months. The weirdest thing is that in this building most things go down on the 6th floor, and I don’t have to mention to you the meaning of the number 6. Well, basically there’s a building in Zemun, a Serbian city where an ex-police officer killed his sick wife and no one knows why exactly, there’s no actual reason for it. Then there’s the woman who jumped off the 6th floor because she found out that her daughter has cancer. An old lady died of “natural causes” and no one noticed a thing for 6 months. The list goes on but we don’t have enough time to list all the weird things about this building. I’m a realist, but this is getting really weird, especially when you realize that all of this happened in the timespan of only two years.

2. The Skull Tower

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Skull Tower”]
Did you know that there’s a tower in Niš which is decorated with skulls? Well, there is! This place is really spooky when you look at all those skulls, you can’t help yourself but wonder what went through their mind in those last minutes before they died. The story goes that when the Ottoman forces came too close to Čegar Hill Stevan Sinđelić, the leader of the Serbian rebels decided that he won’t let his men be impaled. Instead, he detonated a powder magazine in the rebel camp. Many people died that day, rebels as well as the man of the Ottoman Empire. Vizier Hurshid Pasha ordered his men to collect all the skulls they find and to build them into the wall of the tower they are going to build there. Later on, that tower became a Cultural Monument of Exceptional Importance. This place has a great history, but also a great level of creepiness.

3. “The Navel Of The World”

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”“The Navel Of The World””]
You’re probably wondering what “the navel of the world” is. Well, let me tell you… Not even the smartest scientists know the answer to that question. Not yet, anyway. Mount Rtanj is a mountain in Serbia and many believe it to be an actual spaceship which got stuck down here and got covered with dirt and other earthly things. They say that it was left behind thousands of years ago by aliens. Others say that it’s a pyramid and that it has certain healing powers because many sick people feel better after visiting this place. We’re not sure what this place is, but we must tell you that it’s certainly a magical and breathtaking place, you should definitely visit it if you’re into the supernatural or unexplained things!

4. The Red Cross Concentration Camp In Niš

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Red Cross Concentration Camp In Niš”]
Even though people get freaked out when they visit this place, we wouldn’t tie it to paranormal activities or invisible ghosts trying to talk to you. It’s probably the vibe of the whole place and the thought of all those people being slaves there, and also dying literally for nothing. We have to admit that this place is definitely nightmarish and scary, there’s no arguing about that! This camp was operational for 4 years. One day 105 prisoners decided that it was enough. That day they decided that it was enough and that they suffered enough. They killed 11 Nazi guards and they left that place behind for all eternity. You see, things tend to seem normal most of the times, but you never know what lurks behind the corner!

5. Belgrade New Cemetery

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Belgrade New Cemetery”]
When you think about it, all cemeteries are scary, especially when you’re visiting them by yourself. The ‘New Cemetery’, or as the locals call it ‘Novo Groblje’ acts like an open museum in the country because it is known as the final resting place of many great people like Ivo Andrić, Meša Selimović, Danilo Kiš, Dušan Radović and many more. That means that you can visit this place at any time. The New Cemetery scares many people, but that’s kind of normal. I mean, after all, we’re talking about a cemetery! Just make sure not to spend a night there. There are no reports of ghost sightings or anything similar, but still… Just to be safe!

6. Trajan’s City

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Trajan’s City”]
Trajan’s city is nothing but a ruin today on Mount Cer, but it is said that once upon a time, Emperor Trajan had a whole fortification up there and that he lived there with his many servants. They also say that the Emperor was actually a demon who lived up there so he wouldn’t get exposed. Keep in mind that this fortification was in the middle of a great forest and also on the top of a mountain, so this place was pretty secluded. They say that with his demonic charm he would make all the girls from the nearby farms and towns fall for him. It was all just a nice game for him. I don’t know, to us, this sounds just like a regular tale about an ordinary prince who liked to toy around with innocent and poor girls. But there’s another detail to this story… They also say that he was scared of the sunlight because it would burn his skin. So was he a demon? Perhaps a vampire? Or was he just an ordinary ‘player’ who was too afraid to face the girls after a bad breakup? Visit the ruins of Mount Cer and do a little investigation on your own! Let us know what you found out!

7. Fairy Circles

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Fairy Circles”]
Fairy circles are a big thing in Serbia. They are believed to be made by fairies, and once you get trapped in them, it’s unlikely to break free ever again! You’re probably wondering what a fairy circle is, actually. It is basically this green circle inside a forest or a field; it’s a different shade of green so you will be able to notice it in the middle of a field. There are also stories about how this is actually the Devil’s work and that fairies have nothing to do with it. So basically what you have to do once you notice a circle shape in a forest or on a field is run. Run as far away from that place as possible. There are many stories by men who wandered around the fields and woods by night and who would run across fairies which would invite them into their circle and then when the men decided that it was enough, the little beings would grow angry with them and they would attack the person. There’s no way to exactly pinpoint a location for these phenomena because they could appear and disappear at any time. Or so they say!

8. Gabrovnica and The Abandoned Uranium Mine

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Gabrovnica and The Abandoned Uranium Mine”]
Finally, a place which has a pretty realistic story. This mine was opened in order to be a part of the nuclear plan of the ex-Yugoslavia. That piece of information by itself is already pretty scary. This place used to have thousands of citizens and today only 5 of them live there, four old ladies and an old gentleman. I guess it’s hard for them to leave the only place they’ve known for all their lives. The houses there look terrible and the whole place resembles a true ghost town. When you visit it, you get the feeling that something’s going to jump out at you from behind a corner or that someone’s always watching you. This place is truly creepy, but the sad part of it is that it’s really (and I mean REALLY) polluted and no one can do anything about it.

9. Devil’s Town

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Đavolja Varoš (The Devil’s Town)”]
This place is not a town, there are no living beings there, it’s just really spooky and people believe that demons, ghosts and the Devil itself live there, creating all those rock towers and then after a hundred years they destroy it because they grew tired of it and they want to build a new one. This place is also rich in freshwater springs, so there’s a story about the Devil putting a spell on the waters, so every time someone would drink from it, they would forget about their ancestry. So, one day a boy and a girl fell in love but they didn’t know that they were, in fact, brother and sister, because… wait for it… THEY FORGOT! A fairy wanted to stop this madness and the only way for this was to turn the entire party into stone formations. There’s also the story that the formations change because demons are fighting there. The baseline of this whole story is that this place is obviously magical (figuratively, of course) and you have to visit it!

10. The Watermill Of Sava, The Vampire

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”The Watermill Of Sava, The Vampire”]
Sava Savanović is a famous Serbian person who is believed to be a true vampire. They say that he appeared and disappeared throughout the history many times but every time he would reappear, he would kill many people by drinking their blood. They say that once upon a time he lived in a watermill on the Rogačica River in Serbia, and the weird thing is that this mill actually exists. It looks terrible today, but it still exists. He would also kill all the millers who would try to enter the mill and he would drain their body of their blood. This case is truly mysterious and interesting, they say that Sava still lives at this mill and if you’re (un)lucky enough, you will run into him! If you truly want to visit this place, make sure to have some garlic and also a wooden stake in your backpack! You know, just in case…