December 3, 2021


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All You Need to Know About Zurich Street Parade | Switzerland cities

Photo credit: Michael Zero Mayer via / CC BY
Photo credit: Michael Zero Mayer via / CC BY

It was the mid-1980s when people first heard of techno music. It emerged in Detroit, Michigan, and nowadays it has taken over the world. Even if you are not a fan of this music genre, you have probably had at least one unforgettable party where this music was played. Switzerland Cities are not known for the crazy party life, but to every rule there is an exception. So, if you live for the beat, and want to dance like there is no tomorrow, then Zurich Street Parade is the place to be.
Zurich Street Parade started under the name: “Demonstration for Love, Peace, Liberty, Generosity and Tolerance” in 1992. That year only 1000 people took part in this festival, dancing behind two Love Mobiles, but their voices were heard, their number has grown, and in 2016, over a million people filled the streets of Zurich with energy, making this parade one of the largest ones in Switzerland. Even though a lot has changed, the spirit of the Street Parade remained the same. The Street Parade held in 1995 was “The most peaceful demonstration held in Zurich” as the police have said. To give even more meaning to it, the Street parade started having mottos, and these are some of the most memorable ones:
1996.- “The Rave -olution Continues”
2000.- “Believe in Love”
2002.- “Peace!”
2003.- “Let the Sun Shine”
2013.- “Dance for Freedom”
2016.- “Zurich is Unique”
The Street Parade is held every second Saturday of August and getting to the Street Parade is relatively easy. All you need to do is get to the Zurich main train station, and start walking towards the lake- you cannot miss it. If you have a car, it is for the best you leave it home, as there won’t be a single parking space available on this day.  This website will plan the best train route for you to take no matter where you are. Because of the loud music and the summer heat, it is highly recommended to wear sun screen and ear plugs. If you happen to forget the ear plugs, the volunteers have plenty to give out. If you want to take your experience to the next level, all you need to do is be yourself. Feel free to put on makeup, wigs, replace your blue collar with a Cinderella costume… wear whatever you want- you will blend right in.
Photo credit: via / CC BY
Photo credit: via / CC BY

How does it work?
When you think about Switzerland cities, you probably think about the good infrastructure and nicely organized system to help you get around the city in the easiest possible way. That’s pretty much the truth, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or something like that. In a nutshell, Just follow the crowd. The parade starts from one side of the Lake Zurich where the Opening Truck is located. The Opening truck will move at a walking pace towards the bridge and finish on the opposite side of the Lake Zurich. The route is 2.4 Kms Long, during which you will pass by six different stages, placed strategically along the route.Stages will be taken over by some of the most popular DJ’s that will make the crowd go wild. This year’s program includes 30 Love Mobiles, and you will surely find the one that will play the sound to get your body and soul moving. It will be held on 12th of August at 13:00 hours and it ends at midnight, but don’t think the party’s over yet. Afterparties will take place all over the Zurich all night long! The Opening truck will have the famous duo W&W blasting out the beast all day long for the crowd. You can see the whole program with all the performers on Street’s Parade official site, and check the starting order of Love mobiles here.
Photo credit: via / CC BY
Photo credit: via / CC BY

In the end, here are some tips that will help you enjoy the Street Parade to its fullest:
-Rest the night before or even during your trip, you are going to need every bit of energy
-Pack your backpack with plenty of water and food, the prices sky rocket during this event ( 0.5 l bottle of Evian costs around 5 CHF)
-If you feel tired, take a break, there will be plenty of resting spots where you can recharge your batteries.
– Bring some spare clothes, since a lot of people will have water guns to sprinkle the crowd.
– Watch the weather forecast and be prepared to warm yourself up if it gets too cold or rainy.
–  The adrenaline rush can make us do crazy things, but do not do anything that will disturb people or anything illegal.
– There will be over a million people, think what would happen if they all threw their garbage on the road- make sure to throw your garbage in recycling bins.
– And last, but not least- bring positive energy and spread it around, because the Street Parade is the day when Zurich’s air is filled with joy, and a bunch of smiling faces, have fun and let the beat take all your worries away.
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