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Apps That Will Make Your Stay In Switzerland Stress Free | Switzerland tourist attractions

Even if you love what you do for a living, any job can burn you out. Vacations can help you relieve stress and take some time out for yourself. But even for an experienced traveler, a vacation can go wrong, and make you feel like you are at your work again. Finding a cheap flight, booking a hotel, and getting around a new city can stress you out, and stress is the one thing you don’t want during your trip. Well, modern technology has your back and will do anything to make your trip delightful. All you need are some of the apps listed below to make your Switzerland vacation relaxing and enjoyable.

1. Sky Scanner

This all- in- one app will help you find the cheapest flight, hotel, and rental car. It is simple to use and has different categories. These categories will let you explore top deals, weekend breaks, and show you cheapest flights from the nearest airport to every destination in the world.

2. Ebookers

Another app that can help you book a flight with just a few simple clicks. Becoming a BONUS+ member can save you some money when booking a hotel, and it also offers various app- exclusive promotions, so it is definitively worth downloading.


For a truly authentic experience, skip hotels and stay with the locals. This nifty app lets you find accommodation with local people. Using this app you can book a room or even an entire house, it is all up to you and your budget.

4. SBB

It is one of the most popular apps used in Switzerland. Quickly purchase train tickets, and get all the information you need to get to the destination you desire. It is relatively simple to use; all you need to do is insert your current location and the location you want to go to, and you will have your itinerary ready in just a minute.

5. Pollen- News

This app will help you stay healthy if you have severe pollen allergies. Before you leave your room you can check it to see where the pollen concentration is high in Switzerland, and from which plant or tree the pollen is coming from. Make sure to give it a try, and avoid having stuffy eyes and runny nose each time you go outside

6. Meteo Swiss

There is something beautiful in watching the rain fall on the lake surface, disturbing the peacefulness it once had, but there is nothing more annoying than having a picnic on the lake ruined by a storm. Use this app to check the weather in Switzerland and plan your trip accordingly.

7. Google Translate

Well, it goes without saying that this app is one of the most useful ones. Whether you need directions, or just want to buy something in a shop, this app will break the language barrier and help you communicate easier.

8. Swiss Events

With this app, you will never miss any event, concert or festival in Switzerland. It will show you the nearest event and direction on how to get there, and while you are traveling you can read all about a particular event or festival you are interested in and plan your vacation.

9. Swiss Hike

There are many attractive hiking trails in Switzerland you can take, and it can get confusing and hard to choose the right one for you. With this app, you will see the nearest hiking trails how long and difficult they are and what you can expect to see while taking them.

10. Swiss Parks

Breathe in the fresh Swiss air with the help of this app. Search the most beautiful parks, bicycle routes, local recipes and much more. Quickly find a perfect family getaway in summer, or find a natural ice rink where you can relax and warm yourself up with a warm cocoa in winter.


All the attractions in Switzerland can make you feel a bit puckish from time to time. With this app, all you need to do is insert your postal number and you will quickly get a list of all nearby takeaway restaurants complete with prices and delivery charges

12. City Guide Apps

These apps will provide you with every bit of information you need to know about the city you are in or plan to go to. The best part is that they work in offline mode, so you do not have to drag a pile of papers with you. Available for Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Lugano, Basel and more!

13. iSKi Swiss

If you have come to Switzerland to ski, this app will work perfectly for you. See all the ski resorts and details about them including their status, slope, weather and lift information. Do not worry if you don’t know how to ski because with this app you can easily find a ski school in Switzerland.

14. Grüezi Switzerland

A powerful app that makes exploring Switzerland as easy as it can get. Find the nearest attractions, get directions and tourist information easily. This app also features language guide that will help you communicate no matter where you are in Switzerland.

15. Rega

An app that can literary save your life. If you enjoy mountain climbing or any other activity that can be considered as dangerous, then this app will be great for you. Accidents can happen, and if there is no one around you to help, just make a couple of click in this app. It will raise an alarm, and Rega’s operation center will give you a call and dispatch a rescue team.

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