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20 de Noviembre Market

Photo credit: MaloMalverde / Foter / CC BY-SA
20 de Noviembre Market
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The go-to market for amazing souvenirs and scrumptious food

20 de Noviembre, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax.

While in Oaxaca City, Mercado 20 de Noviembre is THE place to head to for incredible souvenirs and cheap, authentic food. Located two blocks away from the main square, this market is the perfect place to enjoy some Oaxacan cuisine, which, according to most Mexicans, is the best Mexico has to offer.


The market first opened its doors in the year 1862. Before then, vendors would set up their street shops behind the cathedral and other locations around the city and, after the construction and addition of many things, they had to leave their spots and move to the new market.


The 20 de Noviembre market is often referred to as “el mercado de carnes” (the market of meats), due to the facts that when entering through, the first thing most visitors will see are the meat shops. Others call it “the market of food”, because there are many shops that sell food such as tortillas, bread, and even fried crickets.


Inside the market are also a myriad of souvenir shops selling authentic alebrijes (to read about alebrijes click here), colourful Oaxaca-style clothes, shoes and many other things that will make it hard for visitors to leave the market empty-handed. This is the go-to place for the best food and the best souvenirs to bring back home. To head directly to the souvenir part and skip the meat section mentioned in the paragraph above, enter through Aldama street.


Outside the market is an outdoor market called Benito Juárez Market, where you’ll find small street restaurants that offer the best food in the city for amazingly cheap prices (you can look into spending $40 pesos on a full meal that you will likely not be able to finish). Here, you’ll find everything authentic to Oaxaca, from fried crickets to the famous mole negro, chocolate, tlayudas, memelitas, and much more! A true paradise for foodie travellers looking for scrumptious food.

Opening hours

10:00 - 20:00