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Aggtelek National Park

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An extensive cave system with gorgeous stalactite caves

Jósvafő, 3758 Hungary
Cave tours: 2200 HUF

Aggteleki Nemzeti Park (in English, Aggtelek Natinal Park) contains a large stalactite cave system which includes the gorgeous Baradala Cave, which just happens to the be largest in Hungary and acted as a shelter for men over 7000 years ago. Located in Northern Hungary, in the Aggtelek Karst Region, the park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list along with other caves in the area such as the Slovak Karst and the Aggtelek Karst.


In the National Park, ecotourism is a practice in order to leave it intact for future generations. For this reason, the park is divided into zones, many of which show the natural beauty of the nature in and around the park but does not allow visitors to leave the marked trails to avoid disturbance to the wildlife and flora.


Guided tours to the caves are offered as well as other tours in the national park area such as botanical tours, zoological tours and even some to the villages to learn about their culture and lifestyle.

Opening hours

8:00 - 16:00