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Photo credit: Dennis Yang
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Hub of yoga and Ayurveda in Goa

Agonda, South Goa, India
Fatima Restaurant is a tiny food joint in Agonda with just four or five tables, but the place is considered an institution for its thalis - veg and fish.
Agonda is a small village so do not expect too many events around, however, it's the ultimate place if you want to spend your holiday learning and practising Yoga or Ayurveda

Located in the less touristy and more peaceful part of Goa, Agonda is a small village in the south which is most famous for its Yoga and Ayurveda facilities.


The beach has a long stretch of white sand and is mostly free from the general touristy atmosphere that you may see frequently in the North. However, during season i.e. November to May (approximately) you would find a long stretch of beach huts and beach shacks to entertain the incoming guests.


Unlike the beaches of North Goa, Agonda is more famous for the many Yoga and Ayurveda classes that the residents of this small village have to offer. Not quite as famous as Palolem, the beach here has strong currents making it relatively unsafe for swimming.


Agonda will suit you best if you are on a long vacation and some relaxation is on your mind. Look around for notices or ask around to find the nearest Yoga centre.


If you are here in the season, stay at one of the beach huts, ot otherwise you can choose to stay at some of the more permanent accommodation options.


How to get there

1. Hire a taxi from Dabolim airport directly to Agonda. It's 62.4 km approximately.
2. From Madgao Station, take city bus to Kadamba bus station. From Kadamba, you can get a direct bus to Agonda, or you can take a bus to Cancona Bus Station and then change again for Agonda.