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Aguacero Waterfalls

Photo credit: Pablo Spekuljak / Foter / CC BY
Aguacero Waterfalls
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An impressive series of waterfalls in a protected biosphere

$25 pesos

Located a 50 minute drive away from Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of Chiapas are the jaw-dropping Aguacero Waterfalls. The term “aguacero” is commonly used by Mexicans to describe a really strong rainfall, the kind of rainfall that will surely get you soaked. The waterfalls are located inside the El Ocote Biosphere Reserve. The fauna in and around the site includes armadillos, deer, anteaters, and more.


To reach the waterfalls, you must walk up a total of 724 steps to arrive to a river and then walk among the jungle. There are quite a lot of waterfalls and to reach the last one, you must walk under several waterfalls and get soaked, hence the term “aguacero” used to name the waterfall.


El Encanto Cave is a small cave located near the waterfalls. There is an underground river inside perfect for adventure seekers. It is possible to go inside and explore with a guide. Other activities include camping, rappelling and hiking.


There is a restaurant inside the site that is worth going to simply for the view of the nearby canyon, Cañón de La Venta. The restaurant offers homemade local food such as mole chiapaneco, cochito and more as well as drinks that are typical of Chiapas such as pozol (a chocolate cold drink).