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Akodessewa Fetish Market

Photo credit: Dominik Schwarz
Akodessewa Fetish Market
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Voodoo trinkets R US

Located in the capital of Togo, Lomé, is one of the creepiest markets in the world – the haven for those who practice voodoo. Akodessewa is the largest fetish market in the world and you will find anything you might need for a ritual – a leopard head? an orangutan skull? an elephant foot? piles of decaying animal bodies? You name it. The chief of the market has stated that the primary purpose of these, er… “ingredients”, is to create medicines to heal rather than black magic.


The market is located outdoors, but that makes it no less eerie. As a tourist, you can visit the market, but be advised that it might be quite scarring to see all the sacrificed animals. Another thing that is important to note is that once you approach a stand, the voodoo chief will quickly prompt you to purchase something (which might be okay for some people, but perhaps others, such as myself, are only interested in the experience of being there rather than taking home an alligator’s tail), so in some occasions, it’s best to stay a few meters away and learn to ignore the sellers. And good luck explaining that leopard head in your luggage at customs!