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Akureyri Old Town

Photo credit: Sigfús Eymundsson (1837 - 1911) / Foter / Public Domain Mark 1.0
Akureyri Old Town
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  • 2 hours

Get to know the oldest buildings in Akureyri - second largest town in Iceland

Akureyri, Iceland

Even though when speaking about tourism and attractions in Iceland, nature sites are to be named among top priorities, there is are also some great historical legacy to be admired. One of these legacies can be found in Akureyri.




As you walk in the direction from the central part of Akureyri to the south, you will pass through several buildings of significance such as the old Primary School and the old Theatre. You can also see oldest-two story building in Iceland. Moreover, the oldest building in Akureyri – Laxdalshús – is still there and can be visited.


The history of this building dates back to 1795. It was built by Johan P. Hemmert – a man who at that time managed the largest Danish store in town. In 1827, the house was transformed into the headquarters of district archives and where books could be borrowed free of charge.


The owners, inhabitants and functions of the house of have changed throughout  time. In 1978, it was given the status of protected building.