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Alchichica Lagoon

Photo credit: Eneas / Source / CC BY
Alchichica Lagoon
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A mysterious lagoon with many secrets to hide

Located between the spectacular mountains of Citlaltépetl and La Malinche stand a series of crater lagoons – the biggest and most popular being Alchichica Lagoon with a diameter of over two kilometers. A visit to the lagoon is a perfect day trip for those in Puebla, Veracruz and Tlaxcala wishing to spend a day amongst amazing natural phenomenas. The lagoon is located between the towns of Esperanza and and Ciudad Serdán.


White alien-looking rock formations surface from the water, creating dramatic landscapes. Swimming here is possible, however, the water is quite cold. Other activities offered namely during weekends include kayaking, biking


The water in the lagoon is salty, even though it is located quite far from the nearest ocean. For this reason, people refer to it as “the ocean’s arm”. The colours of the water range from aqua greens to dark blue and even black in some areas.



Several legends about the lagoons are told by locals, the first one tells that a silver-haired mermaid comes out during full moon nights and attracts men with her voice to follow her down the depths of the lagoon and drown. Another one says that a village was buried underneath the water (the curious things about this is that some nights, mysterious lights appear from the depths of the water – could the story be true? Others assure that there is an alien city under the water.


A villager of the area, who has lived near the lagoons during his 60 years of life, assures that he saw a gigantic light shooting out from the center of the lagoon.