Angkor Wat,Cambodia

Angkor Wat,Cambodia ,Cambodia Length in KM Effort Cost Written by: L_dragon

Summary: Angkor Wat is a temple which is the Cambodia's prime attraction for visitors.It appears on country's national flag

More info: Located at 300 km from capital Phnom Penh,Angkor Wat is built by King Suriya-warman.It combines two types of Khmer temple architecture:the temple moutain style and the galleried temple style.The temple is surrounded by a moat system with outer wall 3.6 km long.
The walls are colorfully decorated with relievos describing the scenes in historian books.Lots of deities are dancing on the walls and many real characters are shown on long walls.The favorite image is a female deity called Devatas.
600000 foreign visitors per year come to Siem Reap for visiting Angkor Wat

Address: Siem Reap,Cambodia

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