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Archaeological Park Emona in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Archaeological Park Emona in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • (worth a detour)
  • 1-2 km
  • Easy
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  • 3 hours
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Archaeological Park dedicated to Roman Ljubljana - Emona

Arheološki park Emonska hiša
Mirje 4
1000 Ljubljana
Buy a ticket for the Archaeological Park in Ljubljana City Museum and get a discount for the complete pass to discovering Emona.
If you buy tickets for exhibition Emona, you can see the Archeological Park Emona for free. Otherwise tickets cost 4 EUR for adults and 2.50 EUR for children, students and seniors.

Take a walk through Emona, the ancient Roman city which is now Ljubljana. Discover the way of life of the 1st century, see the house of rich and famous Romans, locate the first baptistery and walk along the Roman wall.
You can explore the Roman Ljubljana in three distinct parts of Archaeological Park Emona, through 2 km long circular route, that will take you to 10 different recognisable monuments from ancient Emona. Start with the visit to the Emonan house, then take a walk to Early Christian centre and continue to Roman wall.

Start your journey into Roman times with visiting a rich and respectable Roman family in the Emonan House. You can see remains of a residential building, dating back to the 4th or 5th century. Some of distinct features that can be seen here are: summer and winter room, sewage system and two-coloured geometrical mosaic.

Your next stop is a building from the 1st century AD. This building went through many renovations and rebuilds in its 500 years of existence. Assumingly, private baths were here at some point, but it was later rebuilt into an early Christian chapel with baptistery.

Today some remains of a rectangular baptistery with a small pool in the centre intended for baptising can be seen, along with multi-coloured mosaic with inbuilt inscriptions bearing the names of the Emonans who had donated the funds for its assembly.

Another interesting find from the Roman times is a huge part of the roman wall from 1st century, which is still standing on the south site of the park. Some renovations were made on the wall in 20th century by Jože Plečnik.
This wall was built somewhere between 1st and 6th century. In that time, Emona had a rectangular layout, with four main gates and multiple towers. Roman wall is the southern section of this structure.

If you want to get some additional information about Emona try a virtual walk through the ancient city from the 4th century in the tourist centre named iEmona. Here you can see some archaeological discoveries, see short movies about everyday life in the city or take a short walk to the remains of the city gates.
iEmona is located in the Chopinov prehod underpass in the Kongresni trg square.

Opening hours

Archaeological Park is open from April to November.
Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 – 18:00
Monday: closed

How to get there

By foot: Archaeological Park Emona is located around 1.5 km from the Prešernov square. You can take a nice walk from the Prešernov square along the Ljubljanica river and then follow the Krakovska street which will lead you directly to the Roman wall. Walk around the wall and you will see the Emona house and Arcaeological Park. By bus: Take a bus number 9 or 19 and exit on the bus station Mirje. Then walk from the Barjanska street to Mirje street, for around 50 meters. You will see the Emonian house. Archaeological Park is located next to it.