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Bacardi Rum Factory Tour

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It's a pirate's life!

Carretera 165, Cataño, Puerto Rico
$12 or $35 depending on which tour option you choose

If you are a fan of rum or a fan of history and find yourself in Puerto Rico, make a stop for a tour at the Bacardi Rum Factory. (If you’re a fan of rum AND history, even better!). If you’ve never been around a distillery before, the best way to describe the smell is that somehow it is simultaneously the best and worst odor. It can be a little overwhelming depending on what stage of the distillation process they are working through.


You’ll have your choice of three different tours. Each one includes a refreshing Bacardi beverage. The $12 tour is the basic tour of the facility, but if you want to have a more in depth experience you can choose one of the $35 tours, the rum tasting tour or the mixology tour. Both of the latter tours give you the chance to visit the cathedral of rum!

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 4:30pm
Sunday from 10:00am to 4:30pm

How to get there

If you aren't partaking in the tour as part of a cruise shore excursion or from a hotel tour group, take the ferry from Old San Juan to Cataño and then take a van from Cataño to Casa Bacardí and from Casa Bacardí to Cataño take available taxis on premise at Casa Bacardí.