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Backa Fortress

"Bač fortress, view from the south" by Author:Sors bona - Сопствено дело. Licensed under Јавно власништво via Викимедијина остава.
Backa Fortress
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The oldest medieval fortress in Vojvodina region

Trg Dr. Zorana Djindjica 2, 21240 Bac

Backa fortress is a medieval fortress located near the town of Bac, in Vojvodina region.
The first written documents about Bac date back to the 6th century AD in a letter of the Roman emperor Iustinian. During the reign of the Hungarian Arpad dynasty, Bac was the seat of the Diocese.
Today’s fortress, the oldest fortress in Vojvodina, was built by the king Charles Robert of the Anjoy family during the period from 1338 to 1342. The fortress was built on a small island which originate from a meander of the river Mostonga. It was completely surrounded by water and the only way to reach it was across drawbridges.
After the battle of Mohach in 1529 the town and fortress were conquered by the Turks. Bac becomes a part of the Turkish administrative region of Sezged. After the Rakotzy uprising (1702 – 1704) the fortress was burnt, demolished, deserted and never renovated again.
Today, the fortress is in ruins but one of the central tower height of 18m is partially reconstructed.

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By highway Belgrade - Novi Sad - Subotica, exit Novi Sad and drive towards Backa Palanka - Bac