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Badanja Banja

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Spa in the western Serbia

Donja Badanja, Serbia

Badanja is a spa resort located in the foot of the mountain Cer.
According to the legend, mineral waters of Badanja, were discovered by shepherds who have noticed how an old and sick animals after rolling in the mud again become healthy.
In the spa there are two cold water springs: “The main spring” with sulfurous water and “Iron spring” or “red water” because of its ferrous water. The temperature of the springs is 14 or 12 C.
The Spa’s water is used for bathing and drinking. The use of ferrous water cures anemia and various stomach disorders, while the use of sulfurous water heals rheumatism, arthritis, spondylosis and posttraumatic conditions. In the vicinity of the spa is the Monastery of Tronosa and historical place Tekeris (a battlefield in the WWI).

Opening hours

Pool: 08:00 - 18:00

How to get there

By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Lazarevac-Valjevo-Loznica-Badanja Banja