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Baden, Zurich

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Old world charm and history

Baden, Switzerland
Numerous restaurants in both Old Town and the industrial district

The city of Baden in the Swiss canton of Aargau, is one of the most picturesque old town you could visit. Located in the Limmat Valley, on the west bank of the river Limmat, the city is surrounded by pastoral views and charming historical features and it sits only 25 km northwest of Zürich. Named after its mineral hot springs which date back to the Roman era, the modern day Baden is split between the urban industrial district and Old Town. The juxtaposition of the old and new creates a unique experience as you move from one part of the city to the other. The history of this charming city is a rich one, going back farther than the arrival of the Romans. It is hard to think of only one thing that is not done beautifully in the city, from the architecture to the wonderfully inviting parks that makes it feel authentic to the historical charm. However, the 47 ºC / 116.6 ºF thermal waters take the prize in terms of both beauty and function. Gushing forth from 18 hot springs, these therapeutic waters turn Baden into a resort destination. Visitors can enjoy a very diverse community, international culture festivals, and several wellness oases. So if old architecture, romantic castle ruins and lush greens don’t do it for you, then the relaxing resorts, Grand Casino and urban feel of the industrial district are there for exploration.

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How to get there

Baden can easily be reached from Zurich by car, train or bus in 15 minutes.

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